Friday, February 10, 2012

About the cruise... Part 2: where we went

We had three stops on our cruise.... Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Originally, we had planned to go on an excursion to see the Mayan ruins in Cozumel while the rest of our big group went snorkeling.  After an almost-altercation with the guy at the excursion desk and realizing we'd spend a total of 4 hours driving to the ruins, we decided to just get off the boat and explore and shop on our own.

Getting off of the boat... crazy busy!
Shrunken head =)
We found a little beach and chilled for a while
My sister's best friend, my sister, me!

We only spent a few hours in Cozumel.  We decided to go back on the boat and take advantage of the fact that most of the ship was off and enjoy the pool and water slide.  Everything is much more fun without crowds!

We added two more to our pack for our trip to Grand Cayman.


Again, we had no excursion planned.... we just got off the boat without a plan.  We had to be tendered here, meaning that we had to get off the boat into a smaller boat that took us to shore.  I had pictured a row boat taking us up to the beach.  I was pretty relieved to see this:


After we got off the little boat, we saw a very large man with a sign offering a tour of the island for $20 per person.  We decided that would be fun.  Well, I kind of decided that it was crazy, because this was a large, scary man and we were 5 women getting in a rickety old bus in a foreign country.  He filled up the bus with other people though, and I felt less worried that we were going to disappear off the face of the earth.

Of course, we saw several iguanas roaming around
A wild chicken.  Really... they roam the island freely.  There are more chickens than people there.
We went to Hell.  Seriously.  

Our tour guide turned out to be a lot of fun and we had an awesome time.

Our last stop was Jamaica!  We were stoked about this one.  We actually purchased an excursion... the Irie Mon Beach Party complete with open bar and lunch buffet.   My boss said "What are you going to do with an open bar?  You've barely had any alcohol this week."

That's because I had to pay per drink.  What did I do with an open bar?

Make friends with the bartender (aka, tip well)
Drink entirely too many Rum Punches and Rum & Cokes

I got my hair braided.  Man, those Jamaican women can braid!  I've never seen anyone braid that fast.  They braid very tight, too.  I felt like my hair was going to fall out.  I lasted about 24 hours and had to take it out.  I kind of liked the look after better than the braids themselves


So, that's it, folks.  My Caribbean vacation.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope you have the chance to live it for yourself one day!

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