Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stop me.

There are a few reasons that I tend to crochet more than I sew.  Of course, it's way more portable.  Easier to stop in the middle of a project.  And it's easier just to grab a skein of yarn at the store than go through getting fabric cut.

Unless you order online.

I also very rarely impulse buy yarn.  If I don't have a project in mind, I don't usually buy yarn.  Granted, I almost always have a project in mine, but at least if I grab some yarn, you can be sure I'll be working with it soon.

I used to be like that with fabric.  I didn't understand how people got a big fabric stash because I had what I planned to use and a pile of scraps.

Then my brother-in-law gave me a chunk of his mother's stash.  And then I discovered Marshall Dry Goods last year and bought things without a purpose.  And then I kind of stopped sewing so much.

When I don't sew, I don't buy fabric.

But... I've been bit by the sewing bug again.

I have 12 yards of fabric coming my way.  Twelve.  This isn't even Easter dress fabric.  Of course, when all is said and done, some of it may be because I don't have anywhere to keep this stuff.  My sister and I have been talking about another trip to Marshall Dry Goods soon for Easter dress fabric (quilting fabric for her...) and I bought 18 yards there last year. 

I already showed off a few of the prints I got but I ordered a few more yesterday.  Like this...

And this...

And also this...

I better sew tonight so I have more room.  =)

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  1. Those patterns look very pretty, I want to try quilting but I havent got a sewing machine yet :(



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