Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to find a lost item

I mentioned before that I couldn't find my keys when I returned from my cruise.  I was bummed because I really liked my keychain and I had to carry my husband's nuts instead.  (Actually that makes me giggle... alot... and that link is 100% safe LOL)

My husband's nuts.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

So, I broke down Valentine's Day and ordered a new keychain.  I'm a little obsessed with European charms because of my new bracelet, especially the Murano glass ones.  I found a keychain that came with three gorgeous blue glass beads.  My intention was to put the blue beads on my bracelet and put my extra set of beads, which are green, on the keychain.

The keychain came in the mail today and I swapped around beads.  Very happy me.

New beads
The flowery beads are new.

Then I went into the living room to work on my baby blanket and help Isabelle with her homework.  My crochet hook was missing, so I figured it had slipped between the couch cushions.

No crochet hook.  It was under the couch.

But my keys were there.

Of course.  I had finally replaced them and there they were.

Don't ask me why I never checked the couch.  I thoroughly checked the other couch.  It just never occurred to me to check the other couch.  I know.  I'm a moron.

It's all fine and dandy.  I have my funny fork keychain, a pretty sparkly green keychain, all my keys and my gym tag, and three new beads for my bracelet.  Yay for me.


The moral of this story is... if you lose something, replace it.  You'll find it right away.

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