Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A girl can dream...

Zoe wore my little Purplelicious creation today to school.  Bill called me after he dropped her off at school and said it was a show-stopper.  He said she just walked in and whipped off her jacket, very proud of the dress.  He said the director asked where we got it and was surprised that I made it.  She even had to verify that with me when I picked her up.  We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and even got compliments, with only the bottom poking out of her jacket.  My ego was well fed.

Days like today make me wish I could do this stuff full-time.  I get so jealous of people who get to stay home with their kids and work from  home.  I know it would probably be harder work than what I do now, but the benefits would totally rock.  Plus, I'm kind of bummed because I won't get to take any time off during the girls' Spring Break and I'm going to miss a field trip with Isabelle because other people are taking time off.  I don't expect to get priority treatment on certain times just because I have kids, but that doesn't stop me from feeling sad about it. 

Oh well.

Aside from a little melancholy daydreaming about the unfairness of having to pay bills, today has been really cool.  I got my crochet books in today.  I looked through my overlay crochet pattern book I bought - sight unseen - and am happy I made the purchase.  I can't wait to try something out of here.  Of course, it's all written to be jewelry, but it's also all written to be worked up in sewing thread.  And that's just not going to happen... we'll make giant versions and then figure out what they'll be.  Probably awesome looking pillows, but who doesn't need awesome looking pillows?  There is one necklace in there that I think would make an amazing camera strap when worked large-scale.  It might be my first project from it. 

I also got news that my husband's aunt and grandmother may be coming to visit next month.  That in itself is really fun, but it gets better....  His aunt has a serger that she has promised me and she'll bring it if they come.  A serger!  And a lot of fabric, too... it's stuff she bought to make ice skating costumes, but never really did anything with any of it.  The serger is probably 10 years old but barely used. 

Did I mention yesterday that I ordered some fabric?  Yeah, had a good sale going on and I caved to temptation.  I found some to attempt to make a scrub top with.  I got some really neat looking astrological sign themed fabrics, one for each of the girls.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

For my Libra, Olivia.  The blue reminds me of her eyes... she's my only blue-eyed baby.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

My Taurus, Isabelle.  She's not crazy about it, but I can't help that it's her sign.  Not my favorite, but I do like it.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

My Capricorn, Zoe.  I'm not normally an orange lover, but I do love this.

 And last, but certainly not least, my favorite selection of the day....

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I showed it to a girl I work with and she instantly said, "Isabelle!"  Isabelle, coincidentally, thinks it's the ugliest fabric ever.  But it's so her.  I'm afraid to make her something out of it for fear that she'll never wear it.  So maybe it'll become a bag or something for me.  Because I love it.

On a side note... because of the fabrics I bought, I looked up the girls' astrological signs and read the descriptions.  Olivia didn't really strike me as a Libra by definition, but Isabelle and Zoe are very much like their signs' descriptions.  I'm not really into astrology, but it's fascinating to me.

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