Friday, February 24, 2012

What I learned this week...

This was one crazy week.  I think I ran the gamut of emotions and really didn't accomplish much of anything. I learned a few lessons along the way...

  • Diet Dr. Pepper should never be mixed with grape syrup.
  • My fabric stash looks much smaller when folded neatly.
  • It is impossible to neatly fold 10 yards of knit fabric that has been unfolded. (while I am admittedly a terrible judge of measurement, if that wasn't at least 10 yards, I don't even want to see what 10 yards would look like in my floor)
  • After years of my driver's side window not working, it suddenly came to life today. 
  • My husband thinks I look shriveled (he was trying to say I look like I've lost weight - shrunk, not shriveled - but he has a knack for picking the wrong words and insulting me by accident.)
  • My daughter's teacher thinks I'm a bad mother.
  • It takes me approximately 2 days to recover from being made to feel like a bad mother.
  • Isabelle cannot go the length of a movie without going to the bathroom.  Twice.
  • Never let the volunteer at work bring you lunch.  Chips and string cheese.  It was a sweet gesture, though.
  • If I buy bananas for people to eat, they never get eaten.  If I buy them to let them get over-ripe to make banana bread, they're gone in two days
  • My boss is one of the most supportive people in my life.  
  • I can pass up the opportunity to go to Hobby Lobby.
  • I am a good mother, albeit with room for improvement, but show me a perfect mother....
  • My kids are awesome.

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