Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was hoping that while I was on vacation that I would find something amazing to inspire me to create.  I figured the colors of the ocean and beach would, if nothing else.  And it did, but in a way I never really thought it would. 

I'm inspired to make some jewelry. 

This is what kicked it off for me....

I saw this gorgeous necklace in a shop in Cozumel.  I have no clue what it costs because my first thought was "I could totally make that."  It's just seed beads with a few larger beads mixed in.

The Pandora-style bracelet I bought has stoked a bit of an obsession with lampwork glass beads.  I spent way too long tonight browsing through Etsy, looking at some of the most beautiful pieces of glass.  I've always loved glass, especially stained glass, so it's up my alley. 

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I've decided to reward myself for losing weight with jewelry as motivation.  This might be my first little gift to myself.  Lampwork glass bead and spoons.  It's like it was made just for me.  I love spoon jewelry.  Forks, too.  As a matter of fact, I'm a little distraught at the moment that I have lost my keys... because I had the most awesome key chain.... a fork stamped with "MY FORKIN' KEYS"  I can replace it, the lady I bought it from has another one in her shop, but I'm still really sad about it.

I'm totally making something like this, too:

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I also want to sew really badly.  What do I want to sew?  Scrubs.  I need more scrubs, but I really don't like much of anything I've seen.  The prints are so juvenile or loud.  Of course, it's almost hard to justify the work because, depending on the fabric, it's almost more expensive to sew scrubs than to buy them.  It would be more of having something I truly liked kind of thing, instead of being thrifty.

I just have so much I want to do.  Maybe part of it is because it's my first week back at work after vacation, but I spend half my day daydreaming about working from home, making a living doing something I enjoy.... crocheting, sewing, things like that.  Not stuck in a corner, trying to stay awake, punching numbers into the computer.  C'est la vie.

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