Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back to life...

I've spent most of the past week in considerable pain with an abscessed tooth.  I really haven't done anything that didn't have to be done.  I get to have a root canal at the end of the month... in a tooth that I have already had a root canal in.  There are 3 roots in that particular tooth and I don't know if he just did one or two last time, but there is definitely at least one he didn't.  It seems like ages before he can do it, so I am crossing my fingers that the antibiotics keep this at bay until then.

I'm a geek, so I was googling "tooth 14" to see how many roots it had and I found this page that showed what emotions and other body systems were "linked" to each tooth.  Like astrology in your mouth.  I didn't peruse any of my other teeth, but I thought it was really interesting the emotions that are linked to this particular tooth and how it was fitting that it was the one hurting.  I think it's a part of the holistic medicine concepts.  I don't know if I really subscribe to all of that, but I do find it very intriguing.


I obviously haven't been very crafty.  I finished my baby sock  monkey pattern and didn't touch a hook until last night.  Despite the other things I need to be doing, I started a Tooth Fairy amigurumi.  I planned on making this months ago... for our dental hygienist.  My kids love going to the dentist and she's the main reason why, so I wanted to make her something.  Our first couple of dental experiences with Olivia and a pediatric dental office were less than stellar (a room of 6 or so dental chairs filled with screaming children.... Olivia was terrified), so I just want to show her some appreciation for turning that around.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll rack up some Karma points and either get an earlier appointment for my root canal or, at the least, my tooth will be fine until then.  I'm just so nervous it will flare up again....

I'm just glad to be feeling like a human being again.  =)

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