Saturday, May 12, 2012


Olivia and Isabelle both had some really sweet things for me today for Mother's Day that they made at school.  I really love the handmade stuff.  This, in particular, just made me giggle...


I like how she decided that walking was a better relaxation technique for me than getting on the computer.  (Note to self:  spend less time on computer...)  I would never say my favorite food is tacos, but when I do take them somewhere for dinner, it's usually Mexican - because it's cheap, they love it, and I hate McDonalds.  But the best part is "besckety."

If you say it out loud, you'll get it.  Besckety... spaghetti.  Olivia loves my besckety sauce and usually won't eat any other kind.  Makes me kind of proud.   Lucky for her, that's what is on the menu for Mother's Day tomorrow. 

I finally finished my Grandma Violet pillow tonight.  Except for the buttons... where are the buttons?  I can't find them.  Figures.

Grandma Violet Cushion

I loved this project.  It's a pattern from The Royal Sisters.  I've admired her blog for a long time and when I went looking for pillow patterns, this jumped out at me.  Isabelle picked out the yarn, because it was supposed to be for her birthday, but I didn't finish it in time.  Now, I'm thinking of trying to convince her in the morning that her Grandma really needs this Grandma Violet.  I'll offer to make her another pillow from a couple of other patterns I snagged this week. 

I had to make the pillow insert myself... and it's not quite as full as I'd like, but it'll work.  It's as big as I could make it... the muslin was only so wide.  =)  Actually, in retrospect, I could have made it bigger.  I'll keep it in mind when I make the Grandma Daisy pillow.  For myself.  =)

And as a sidenote... last time we went to my mom's, she asked me to mend a shirt that had a popped seam.  It should have been a 30 second fix.  Just run it through the serger for about 3 inches and done.  But noooooooo.  Lucy threw a fit and I had to rethread her.  So a 30 second easy-peasy project turned into an hour of me swearing like a sailor.  I swear they make those things so only someone with child-size hands can thread it.

I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. What a pretty pillow, and what lovely girls you have! Tacos, that's too funny!



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