Thursday, May 10, 2012

That was fun!

So, I told you my idea of making a quilt top curtain.  I had planned on finishing up the lab coat I started, but since I won't see the MDO director until Monday, and I was just in a mood, I decided to bust open the jelly roll and start playing around.

I decided that since this won't have a backing on it that I should use the serger.  I didn't think using it as a curtain would cause the ends to fray like crazy or anything, but it would need to be washed occasionally. It was actually pretty easy and came out looking very clean on the back.

I finished one square.  I'm thinking there will probably be 9 squares.  Or 6... depends on how far the jelly roll goes.  My brain isn't doing math tonight.  My kitchen window doesn't need to be fully covered, so I'm good either way.

Here is my first attempt at a log cabin square...


Sidenote:  Is that not a hideous paint job?  Ugh.  My landlady loves it.  The girls' bedroom is worse.  It's a terrible shade of green and white faux something or other.  Gross.

I'm so impressed with myself.  And I really enjoyed it.  It's so much more relaxing than sewing a dress. 

I think this is going to be neat.  Maybe after this, I'll make something really colorful for the girls' bedroom.  Rainbow colored maybe.  I should start stocking up on fat quarters or something.

In other news...

Zoe made me the neatest Mother's Day gift at school.  A really clever twist on the whole hand print with poem thing that they always do.  Look...


It's a washcloth.  I thought it was so great.  =)  I actually want to go buy some more washcloths and do Olivia and Isabelle's hand prints on them and then frame them to put in the bathroom.

Might be a good summer craft project....

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  1. I love your log cabin square! Very pretty. Sorry I've been silent lately, been busy you know. ;-) I can't wait for my girls to be old enough to do that kind of thing for mother's day. Really cute idea for the bathroom! I can't wait to see your curtain!



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