Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Teeth

Shhh.  Don't tell anyone, but I caught the Tooth Fairy!


She's pretty cute, huh?  I think she needs a wand.  I have to dig out my felt and see if I have any white and then find some sort of stick.  She's pretty tiny, so the wand has to be pretty tiny, too.

She's a gift for our dental hygienist.  I hope she likes her.  =)

Today I got off my lazy behind and took the girls to church.  Zoe has been asking lately when we're going, so I knew it had been too long.  I want to take them regularly, but I'm just so lazy on Sunday mornings that I find excuses.  This morning, Olivia and Isabelle made little prayer books and drew pictures of the things they wanted to pray about. 


They both prayed for my mouth.  Isn't that sweet?  I promise none of my teeth are jagged and pointy, despite the fact that they've felt like monster teeth lately.  I've actually felt really good the past two days.  Thank God for antibiotics.


I was confused by this picture.  Olivia explained that it's Grandma.  I asked her what was coming out of her mouth and she told me it was her breathing machine.  My mom has emphysema and has an updraft machine, but I really don't know when she's ever used it when the girls have been around.  It just goes to show how observant children are, even when they don't let on.  It made me a little sad that they can see that my mom has trouble breathing, but I'm so proud of how compassionate they are.  My kids are just precious.

We opted out of Family Fun Day today for just a ride around nowhere and a family trip to the grocery store.  It actually was the first time ever that we walked out of the store without me chanting "Never again.  Never, ever, ever again."  Of course, Bill and the girls stopped at the deli to get a snack and didn't catch up with me until I was almost finished....  but we were all there, if not together.  =)

Working on a diaper cover tonight.  I have no baby bottom to try it on, only some measurements a friend took for me, so we'll see how it goes.  =)

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