Sunday, May 13, 2012

Full up...

What a great weekend!  I stepped out of my comfort zone quite a bit and was rewarded immensely.

Friday night they had a kids' movie night at church and I dropped the girls off and spent over 2 hours by myself.  I was pretty much at a loss of what to do with myself.  I went to JoAnn's first... normally I have a pretty short time limit when I go - it's either my lunch break or I'm trying to beat the kid melt-down clock - so I thought I would probably spend hours there daydreaming.  Nope.  10 minutes and I was bored.  =)  I went home and sewed another log cabin block, started another and messed it up, and decided to go wait for the kids at the church.  It was nice, though.

Saturday, my sister took me to my first yoga class.  I've done yoga at home with various workouts, but I was pretty sure it would be a whole other world in an actual class, and I was right.  I don't like crowds, and there were 21 people in a small studio.  I'm very self-conscious and wasn't sure I'd enjoy it at all.  But I did.  I barely registered anyone other than the instructor and occasionally my sister and the guy beside me (who looked so out of place that it was just awesome).  I also don't enjoy being touched, but during mediation, the instructor would come over and touch us and it was actually very comforting and a little emotional.  I've been told that doing yoga releases emotions that you bottle up, and I'm terrible about bottling up emotions.  I have to say I am a believer in that respect because I've been pretty emotional this weekend.   I have 4 more classes paid for already, and if this first class is any indication, I'm going to be hooked in no time.  Hooked and sore.... good grief, I'm sore today!

Today, of course, is Mother's Day.  My girls are too little to do much on their own and my husband works nights, so I didn't expect to wake up to breakfast in bed.  And I didn't.  I actually woke up on the couch to Olivia whining for breakfast and my body screaming at me for loving Pigeon Pose so much yesterday.  I got the girls ready and we went to church.

Now, we don't usually go to church on a normal basis.  I seem to have a hard time finding a place that I feel very comfortable.  We have visited the Halloween carnival a few years at this particular church, so around Christmas, I took the girls there a few times.  But then, I fell back into my usual not-going-to-church routine.  The girls ask me every so often when we're going back, so I took them last week.  I've been thinking about all the fun I had in church as a kid, and I want my kids to have that.  Plus, I have started to recognize that I'm halfway to hermit-hood here.  I hardly talk to anyone other than my husband and coworkers on a daily basis and the more I let myself be like that, the harder it is for me to actually interact with people.  Anyway, that's when they found out about the movie night and they were so excited about it.  I had people welcome me last week, but this week was almost overwhelming.  One lady made it a point to sit next to me and several other people stopped me to talk to me.  It felt really good and we'll definitely go back. 

Afterwards, we went to wake up Mr. Bill and then went to see my mom.  After dinner, I got cold - which is really unusual at my mom's house, usually we're all sweating - so I grabbed a blanket and fell asleep on Bill for the better part of How To Train Your Dragon

So that was my weekend... putting myself out there and enjoying new experiences and people. And a nap.  That was the cherry on top =)

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed yoga! It's important to take that kind of time for yourself.



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