Thursday, May 24, 2012

One more day...

... and it's Summer Break.

I'm feeling a little conflicted.  I'm glad the school year is over, but I'm not ready for it either.  I'm frantically making plans for the first few weeks, to keep the girls busy and avoid the boredom that causes them to get mischievous.  I went through a  phase where I was determined that they would have to go to child care and was even prepared to take on a second job part-time to pay for it.  But we've decided that if we can just keep them busy, we'll survive the summer.


We went today to get library cards for all three of the girls.  I've had one at our main library system, of course, but this is a separate library and they have just an amazing kids' department, so we went to get our cards there.  The girls are all signed up for the summer reading program and are really excited about it.  Olivia came home today with a ton of workbooks that her teacher was getting rid of and told me that we didn't have to go anywhere this summer.... she had plenty to do.  But she will take Wednesdays off to go to the book club meetings at the library.  She's such a nerd.  I couldn't be prouder.  =)

We'll have trips to the pool, picnics, Farmer's market... I'm still searching for relatively inexpensive things to do outside of the house.  We'll do crafts at home like tie-dying and painting.  I'm just determined that this is going to be the best summer. 

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  1. You're a great mom and I'm sure you'll have plenty for those girls to do! I'm excited for you guys to have summer break! Though I don't get summer breaks anymore I still get the same feeling I did in school every summer. Good luck!



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