Sunday, March 24, 2013

And no one fell off of the mountain!

My husband decided a while back that we should get away for Spring Break.  I jumped all over it because I almost never get time off during Spring Break.  But, miraculously, no one else had planned to take off, so I did.  =)  

I've been to Mt. Nebo a couple of times, but had never stayed in the State Park itself.  Our vacations are almost always at a State Park.  We rent a cabin and hike.  Some parks have other things to do, but the hiking is a constant.


That's our cabin.  It was a one bedroom, with a futon couch.  It was really nice, but I won't bore you with a bunch of indoor pictures.  


One of my favorite parts of staying cabins is the Cabin Journal.  I guess as an avid blog reader/writer, it only makes sense that I like to read other people's thoughts about their adventures.


Shortly after we arrived, a herd of deer came to greet us.  They were obviously very used to humans, and that one deer was very interested in Zoe's marshmallow.  Reading the journal, it sounds like people feed them all the time, so it's no wonder.  Not sure why people think that's OK....


This is part of the Rim Trail, that runs around the top of the mountain.  We didn't do the entire trail, just parts here and there because other trails shoot off of it and join up with it.  


I have to admit that being that close to the edge was really nerve-wracking.  Usually there was another ledge shortly below, so it's not like you could actually fall all the way down the mountain, but still.  A fall is a fall, you know?  And I had 3 young kids with me.


The girls had to play at the playground.  There were two older kids there and they just took the girls in and helped push them on the swings.... and taught them how to play Chicken.  Shortly after this picture, Olivia got kicked in the face and that was the end of that game.

Zoe's hiking stick and hunting stick.  

After bribing them with playground time, we went on our first full trail, the Summit Park Trail.  It didn't have a description on the trail guide I had, so we went into it without knowing what we were in for.  It went down to a sad, green little "lake" and then we had to climb back up.


It was quite a climb.  Like hands and knees in some spots.  I got super nervous and just couldn't even look at the girls because I knew they were fine, but just seeing them scaling rocks made me want to grab them.


Seriously steep.  At one point, near the top, we came across a man in a hammock.  We were all shocked to see each other.  He said he hung his hammock there because no one ever comes up that way.  Apparently their trail guides warned them properly.  =)


We went back to the cabin for dinner and the girls played.


Sunset is the best time for pictures.


Then bath time in the enormous spa tub.  Even Bill had to take a bath in there.  It was awesome.


The next day we took the Bench Trail, which also goes around the mountain, just lower than the Rim Trail.  It's a very easy trail, but very long - 4 miles.  The girls whined most of the way, and I eventually gave in and gave them piggy back rides at the end.


That's Bill taking a picture of me and Zoe, only Zoe's pants slid down and her little booty was showing... so he censored the picture.  =)


The girls were worn out.  They slept until 8 am the next morning, which is unheard of for them.


We packed up and left on Wednesday, and at the Visitor's Center, we decided to buy a hiking stick and start collecting medallions for all the parks we go to.  These are our first 2.  One for Mt. Nebo itself, and one for that stinking Summit Park Trail.... the park ranger said we earned it.  Most trails don't get their own medallion, so yeah...

We were about an hour away from Mt. Magazine, so we decided to go check it out before heading home.  I actually have never really cared about going to Mt. Magazine, but Bill wanted to go.  I'm really glad we did, though.  It was amazing up there.


They have a lodge up there, as well as cabins, but the cabins are so expensive that we could never justify paying that much for them.  We'll most likely go back and stay in the lodge... it's far more reasonably priced.

There was a short hike from the lodge up to the highest part of the mountain, which is also the highest point in Arkansas.


Olivia said "The Highpoint is 45 miles away!"  She was really upset.  LOL


We made it up there to find this neat little stone map of the state.  So cool!

That was about the end of the adventure.  The girls were beyond sick of hiking, so we headed home after that.  We somehow got a little lost and never found the interstate, but we made it home through the back roads, which was a very nice experience in itself.  We both like driving through farm land and things like that.

I guess it's time to start planning our next adventure....  We need more medallions!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! That censored pic is too funny!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! Mount Nebo is less than a six hour drive from where I live. There might be a weekend trip there in my future. I've never heard of hiking medallions. I think I would like to start collecting those!

    1. I know all the State Parks in AR have them... I am sure other places do, too. We hardly ever leave the state, though. I should check it out for when the kids are better travelers =)

  3. How fun! So glad y'all had such a great time! :)

  4. Have you been to Hickory Nut Mt? I don't know if there are cabins or anything, we just drove up there one day, but it is GORGEOUS from the top; you can see almost all of Lake Ouichita.

    This looked like so much fun, Josh and I love to do this sort of thing too! :)

    1. I had never heard of Hickory Nut Mt! Thanks, gotta check that out!

  5. That looks lovely. My kids have medals from climbing Huashan (Mt Hua) in China -- there is a guy at the top selling them for about 15Y (maybe $2-3) and engraves your name on them on the spot. I wish now I'd got one for myself.



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