Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dancing a jig

I can't really say if I'm dancing a victory dance, if I'm trying to keep warm, or if I have to pee.  At any given point today, it could be any of the three.

Our heat is out in our house, which wouldn't be an issue if Spring would freaking get here, but last night it was 27* and even though it got into the 60s today, the house is still chilly.  I still have my sweatshirt jacket and shoes on... two things I usually ditch ASAP.  I need to call the landlady about it, but I was hoping the house would warm up today.  We know how I am about the phone.  And the landlady is on my list of people I avoid at all costs.  Obviously.  I don't have a specific reason, she just makes me nervous.

I decided over the weekend that I needed to make sure I was drinking enough water.  So I downloaded an app.  There are several apps that do this, I happened to pick one called Drinking Water.  You just tell it how many cups you want to drink in a day (I set mine to 14 cups or 112 oz, approximately an ounce for half my body weight in lbs) and it reminds you every so often to drink.  I do really well about drinking at work (he he... drinking at work.  I wish sometimes), but I will go almost all evening without drinking a drop until I workout.  I sometimes don't drink anything when I eat, even.  The notification is funny.  It is supposed to sound like someone pouring water.  Today it went off while we were in the line at the bank and Isabelle said, "Mom, you need to drink some water!  It sounds like someone peeing, though."  I busted up laughing, which amused the bank teller.  It's appropriate, because when the notification goes off, I usually do need to pee by then from the previous cup.  And when you've guzzled all your water for the day, it gives you a nice round of applause.  

So, my victory dance?


I've been backing up my weigh in day to get it to Tuesdays.  It was on Friday, last week I did Thursday, and this week was today - Wednesday.  Next week will be Tuesday, finally.

My weight last time, which was disappointing, was 239.8.  I was so close to hitting 237 a few weeks ago, which is my 30 lb mark.  So I've been frustrated.  I've known why I've been struggling.  I went from having HUGE calorie burns on the weekends from my training walks, to barely burning that much in the entire week.  I used that huge burn to justify eating badly during the weekends, and then the weekends seemed to carry over into the week.  I stopped counting calories about that time, too. 

So, I am counting calories again.  Being more conscientious about what I'm eating.  Drinking more water.  And I think my body is adjusting to my new exercise routine.

What was this week's result?

235 lbs.

Say what?!?  Yes, I dropped 4.8 lbs this week!  Yes, I passed my 30 lb milestone!  Yes, Yes, Yes!!!  That's a total of 32 lbs lost.  15 lbs toward my goal of 50 lbs lost for 2013.   

Very stoked!  I don't aim for more than a 2 lb loss in a week, but I am sure that's a lot of water weight. 

And I did Week 2 Day 1 of C25k  yesterday and made it through all 6 90-second intervals.  I'm not saying it was a breeze, honestly, I never thought 90 seconds could ever feel so long, but I made it.  Hopefully tomorrow will feel a little easier.  And hopefully the third run this weekend will leave me feeling like 3 minutes next week isn't going to kill me.

There is one downside to going to the rec center.... I really enjoy going and putting in the ear buds and totally zoning out.  So much so that I really have no desire to workout at home right now.  I need to, though.  I need to start working on upper body strength. I'll figure it out.  But not tonight.  I'm going to find a pile of blankets and go to bed.


  1. 14 cups of water! Are you serious?! If I manage 6 in a day I call that a victory and have to pee literally every 20 mins. If I did 14 I just couldn't leave the toilet, I'd have to take my laptop in and work from there.

  2. Wooo-hooo! Congrats girlie! ♥



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