Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slow down there, Speed Racer.

I decided to go to the track this morning to do W1D3 of C25k.  It's finally Spring here, and it was already creeping up on 80 degrees when I got out there.  It was so pretty.  I stretched, I turned on my music and C25k app and off I went. 

My first run interval was harder than I expected.  Then the app told me that my pace was something like 8:30.  I never get an accurate pace at the rec center because my GPS only works sporadically inside the building.  Well, no wonder I'm struggling.  That's super fast for a beginner.  I tried to slow down on the second interval, but when I start getting out of breath, I start making deals with myself.  Make it to the end of the bench and it'll be over.... and then I run faster to get there as if I'm not working against a clock that doesn't care where the end of the bench is.  Intervals 2 and 3 weren't much slower than interval 1, and by the end of interval 4, I was so out of breath that I was starting to panic.

I don't know if it's my claustrophobia or just a fear of suffocation, but I freak out when I can't breathe.  I quit interval 4 before the 60 second mark.  I still hadn't caught my breath by the time #5 came around, so I decided to just walk out the rest of the workout.

I was really disappointed in myself. I wanted to just walk for a while and do some thinking, because if I had left the track right then, I would have just beat myself up about it.  I mean, just two weeks ago, I felt like such a freaking bad ass after walking a half-marathon.  Not being able to run for 60 seconds was like being thrown down off of my mountain with a big "LOSER" screamed at me.

I know my problem is that I run too fast.  I spent weeks training myself to walk as fast as I could, and I guess my brain is just wired right now in "Speed Racer" mode.  I watched another lady run and it was just a little faster than me walking... just a really fast bouncy walk.  THAT is what I need to be doing.  Not sprinting around the track.  I just need to concentrate on slowing down.  I don't know how, but I have to.

By the time I was finished walking, I decided I need to just start fresh.  Next week, I'll start Week 1 again.  I need to accept the fact that training to run 13.1 miles is going to be a much more difficult task than walking was.  It's not like I had to learn to walk in the beginning of my previous training.  I may have gone from a high peak two weeks ago to a pretty low valley today, but can you just imagine how high that peek will be that I will be screaming from in October?  Even if I can't run it all by then.

So, in light of all these mountain metaphors running around in my head today, the girls and I went to climb a mountain this afternoon.


Pinnacle Mountain.  I haven't climbed it in years and years.  It's on my 37 list.  Unfortunately, I won't be crossing it off today.  My kids are weenies and we only made it maybe 1/3 of the way up.  Punks.


Trail mix break at our turn-around spot.  Next time I'll have to go without them.  Alone or with someone less wimpy.  LOL


Olivia, the Drama Queen, literally crawling back to the van.  Poor thing.


  1. I just found your blog from runsforcookies and read about your half marathon. way to go!! I did the c25k last summer and loved's hard, though. Just my opinion, but I think you are right on with your thoughts...slow down!! :) your body needs to get used to running a little bit before you break speed records. :) At least mine did. I didn't run all fall/winter and just started the c2k5 again, this time starting at week 3. It was so much easier than last year but still really hard. Keep up the awesome work! It's hard but feels so good, doesn't it? :) thanks for inspiring me today.

  2. Hi just found your blog and we seem to be in the same place in the C25K. I did the three days of Wk1 a few weeks ago, then the flu stopped me and I haven't started again yet but I'd better because my first 5K is in three weeks! I know I'll be walking most of it.

    I didn't manage to get through all the jogging intervals of the C25K training until my friend got me to really slow down, I felt like I was jogging on the spot nearly. And bouncy, like you saw with the other runner. But it worked. I went from doing about 3 intervals to doing all of them, straight away. So try it!

    I'll be following you.



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