Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Excuse-proof plan?

Welcome to my new readers that found me from Runsforcookies.com!  I am just flattered by all the love.  =)

I'm feeling somewhat lost this week, even after registering for another half-marathon.  I'm still a little sore from Sunday, so I don't want to go too crazy with my workouts.  I might just yoga it all week, to be honest.  Half of me misses my Walk at Home videos that made up a huge part of my training, but the other half would rather not do another double side step for quite some time.

However, in addition to registering for my next half, I also have quite a few 5Ks lined up.  The Heart Walk and Tour de Cure (for diabetes) in April.  The MS Walk in May.  And Color Me Rad in June.  I think my husband would have a stroke if he actually knew how much I just paid in registration fees and donations.  =/  I don't plan on running any of those.  I might have my kids at all of them, but definitely Color Me Rad, which is probably the only one I'd be ready for.

Oh, and... side note... speaking of MS.... this coming Saturday, my babies are going to be in a fashion show!  Eek!  The MS Society is putting on a fashion show to benefit the MS Walk and Society and a friend asked if the girls would like to be in it. They are so excited.  Zoe's little sassy catwalk at home is hilarious, if she'll actually do it in public.  They're going to be so cute and I can't wait to show off the pictures.  (For those of you who don't know, my mom has MS, or Multiple Sclerosis)

So, anyway...

Since I'm going to try to run this next race, I have to change up my training.  I love Leslie Sansone, but she's not making any Run at Home videos that I'm aware of.  And I hate running in place.  So awkward.  

I wasn't going to start trying to learn to run until the fall, when I'd have some free time before the girls get home from school, but I need to start now if I hope to run in an October race.  My options are pretty limited... I can't leave the kids alone at home, obviously.  My first thought, I can take them to the track and hope they entertain themselves, but I see that getting a little old for them after a while.  Plus, there's the heat factor in a few months.  I'm a weenie once the temp starts crawling above 80.  

Then, today, I remembered that I'm getting a bonus this week.  It was kind of unexpected, so I didn't make any plans for it.  I'll have $400.  That opens up two other options.  I could get a treadmill, not a great one, but good enough to do the job, I'm sure.  The biggest issue with that is space.  We're crammed into this house as it is, but I could make it work if I had to.  Or.... I can spend $300 on a yearly family membership at the local rec center.  I would have the option of child care (it would run $6 per workout for me, as long as I kept my longer runs to Sundays when I could leave them home), plus access to fitness equipment, fitness classes, the pool and their track is inside so I won't have a heat stroke this summer.  I'll have somewhere to take the girls this summer to swim and Mr. Bill could even workout if so inclined.

The rec center seems like my best bet here.  Far less chance of me using the kids or the heat as a reason to not go run.  Unless they are sick, or I just can't somehow scrape up $6, I have no excuse.  It's a little more intimidating for me to think about learning to run there, but that's something I am going to have to get past.  It's just different thinking about running in circles around people using the gym equipment as opposed to passing people on a trail, you know?  

Mr. Bill approved of the idea.... which actually was his idea a few weeks ago when it was raining and I wasn't sure I could get out to walk, otherwise I probably would never have thought of it. So, Thursday, when I get paid, the girls and I will take a trip to the rec center and get signed up.  They'll be super excited.  I actually had a membership there a few years ago for a month and took them once.  They still ask me when we're going back.  

So, I guess it's just meant to be since things are falling into place so easily?  I'm still kinda scared, but what's that saying? 

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  1. I'm one of your new followers! You've inspired me to start training to walk a half-marathon. I started today!

    1. That's great! You won't be sorry! It's an amazing experience.

  2. I'm one of your new followers too! I'm so glad that Katie shared you! :)

    I am just over 300 lbs and the thought of trying to run on a treadmill makes me want to crawl in a shell. Even if it is one that is rated for my size, I feel like it is going to break to the ground with every thump of my feet hitting the belt when at a running speed. So, I love being able to go to our local Wellness Complex. I have started training to run myself, and I'm not at that point where I am dedicated enough to do it in the cold, snow, freezing rain, etc and being able to train on their indoor track makes all the difference to my "stick with it" right now. It's also really great because there are several other members (total strangers to me) and staff that really root me on and encourage me and are so excited because I have signed up for my first 5k (no where near ready for a half-marathon yet, but I'll get there!). I don't think you'll be sorry for going with that option. :)

  3. I definitely vote for the rec center. It's so nice to be able to shake things up occasionally by using a different machine or going to a group fitness class. The fact that your rec center has an indoor track would totally seal the deal for me!! I pretty much loathe running on the treadmill but have developed a love/hate relationship with the blasted thing because it gets so ridiculously hot here that I have no choice but to run indoors. I soooooooo wish my gym had an indoor track!! I like going places! (Even if it's just in circles... at least I'm actually going somewhere!)

    Too bad the child care isn't included in your membership though. Boo to extra fees! Good luck :)

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