Thursday, February 17, 2011

Decisions, decisions....

I'm planning Easter outfits.  This will be my third year making the girls' Easter outfits and I think this will be the cutest, and hopefully the ones that will be most likely for them to wear throughout the year. 

My idea this year is pinafores.  I know, you're thinking "Do you really think your kids are going to wear pinafores more than once?"  Look at it.  It's totally adorable, reversible, and I can see it paired up with jeans and a tshirt easily.  I especially can see Izzy in one.  Is it bad that most of my sewing is Isabelle-inspired?  I know I should probably sew with the other two in mind also, but I guess her taste runs closest to my own.

I'm struggling with fabric ideas though.  My first idea came from the Michael Miller Antiquity line.  I adore the Breeze colorway and I want some of that old script fabric so bad I can taste it.  However, there are two problems.  First and foremost, Isabelle HATES it.  I could just go with it anyway, but if they won't wear it, what's the point?  Secondly... it's designer fabric.  $9 a yard and I'd need probably 9 yards total (I can get away with 6 probably, but my original idea would run about 9)... that's way more money that I really should spend on their Easter outfits. I'm still going to figure out something to do with that script fabric though.  I need it.

Well, there is a third problem... all three outfits would be very similar and I think I'll get more wear out of the outfits if they're different. 

So, I've been scouring the Hobby Lobby website.  My thinking is that I can start buying fabric as I get 40% off coupons, which they have every few weeks.  Their fabric usually runs about $7 a yard or less, and if I can space it out use enough coupons, I'm running in a much more reasonable ball park price-wise.  I'm making sure each pinafore is a different color scheme... pink, green, turquoise.  And I think I'm going to just make white peasant dresses (plain white fabric, $4/yard!) to wear under the pinafores and then I might dye them after Easter.  We don't do well with white in our house.

I'm excited and want to start them right now.  I have some serious crafting ADD.

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