Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My latest project...

For the past few years, my sister and I, along with our cousins and a few other people, have participated in our local Heart Walk.  I am not the best fundraiser in the world.  I'm just not very aggressive.  But it's been very important to me to participate, even if I know I won't raise much money.  I have a very strong family history of heart disease on my dad's side of the family.  My dad himself has had bypass surgery and can't even remember how many stents are living in his body right now.  There are a few charity walks that I try to participate in yearly, but this is the one that has seemed to have settled into being the one I focus on the most. 

This year, my sister and I attended the team kick-off and it was very inspiring.  A few people shared some of their fundraising tips, and it set some wheels in motion in my little crafty brain.  I love to crochet and knit and whatnot...  why not use that to help make money?  So I am in the process of making up several items to sell for donations.  I'm not just donating profits... the entire amount paid will be donated.  I actually sold my first item today.  To my sister.  ;)

I don't normally put my crafty stuff on this blog, but I can't resist.  (Actually I'm thinking I should just condense the two together...  )  Anyway, lookie...

A slouchy hat... with a heart.  

This is not my sister... this is my super sweet coworker and part-time hat model (for me anyway LOL)

The hat design is not mine.  It's by April Draven.  She has some super cool and whimsical  patterns and if you crochet, I suggest checking out her stuff...

I have other stuff in the works, and will probably make at least one more of these hats.  I'm really excited.  I hope to meet my goal of raising $200 this year.  I'm trying to focus on Valentine-y things, but I think most of them will be heart related.  Obviously. 

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