Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's not a typo.

I do not like potlucks.  So, to me, they are potyucks.  I'm not an adventurous eater.  Growing up, nobody could cook as well as my Mom or Grandma Davis, so it's just kind of ingrained in me that I won't really like what you cook for me.  It's not usually true... I've found plenty of dishes that other people prepare that I enjoy... but I have to get over that "I don't really want this" feeling first.  I'm weird, I know.

Why do I participate?  Because there are plenty of people at work that don't like me as it is (hard to believe, I know LOL) and not participating makes me look even more antisocial and stuck up.  I'll admit to being antisocial, but as for stuck up.... well, after 11 years at the same place, you just stop trying to be friendly with people who are petty and negative.  I'm not a social creature, small talk does not come naturally to me, and I rarely initiate conversations because that's just not comfortable to me.  If you want to talk to me, I'll talk and be friendly.  I just am very socially awkward and it just gets worse as I get older.  Like I said, I'm weird, I know...

But I digress...

We have a potyuck tomorrow at work, so I made some Cheddar Artichoke Quiche Cups.   That's the name of them, but my sister will quickly point out that they are technically frittatas because there is no crust.  I say they are technically really yummy no matter what you call them.  If you like cheese, because that's the bulk of what goes into it.  A lot of cheddar. 

Let's move on, shall we?

Here is my latest mohawk hat:

Mohawk #2
I'm not sure what the Spartans invaded this time...

It's for my friend in Canada, but she hasn't seen it yet.  Apparently not everyone is on facebook hourly.  ;)  Olivia asked if it was for her.  She always wants me to make her hats, but she won't wear them.  Sometimes she'll wear one when she's playing, but she hardly ever will wear them out of the house.
And here is a sneak peek at something I have in the works:


I've mentioned before that in March, one of the blogs I read will have a month-long story book theme.  I got to thinking about what one of my favorite kids' books would be, and it has to be the Ramona Quimby books.  So I have a little something started with Miss Ramona's head for my own Ramona - Isabelle.  I posted the picture on facebook to make sure it was recognizable as a silhouette and everyone knew who it was (or at least the first person did and everyone else was like "oh yeah.... that's who it is.").  I showed it to Isabelle and she said "That's me."  So true, my child.  I remember once I had the actual picture up on facebook and someone actually thought it was Isabelle, so it's not just her actions - she does look like that version of Ramona anyway.

So stay tuned to see what I do with Ramona's head....


  1. Quiche..frittata..who cares? Sounds delicious to me.

  2. Hi Jennifer. Your little mohawk hat is really cute! Thanks for your pom pom tips at Tangled Happy. I think I should try one of those pom pom makers... What will you do with Ramonas head???



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