Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sleepy Weekend

Lately, Sunday evenings is where I post all the fun we've had over the weekend.  And you'd think with it being Bill's birthday weekend that I would have extra special fun to post.  But we've been lazy.  Yesterday I was really, really lazy.  To the point that any time I had to go in my room for something, I found myself laying on the bed for a few minutes.  I tried to sneak in a nap, but for some strange reason, I don't go unnoticed around here.  If Mommy is missing more than 2 minutes, it's a full on search and rescue mission until she's found.

So we didn't do anything this weekend.  Bummer.

The girls did have fun yesterday, though.  I went out in search of a few art supplies for them.  We go through crayons like Pull ups around here.  I literally could buy a new package every week.  I'm sure if I moved the couches I could find a dozen or so, but I am kind of afraid of what else I might find.  I had someone sing the praises of Melissa & Doug crayons and was really curious.  No paper, washable, triangular (so they won't roll under the couch), harder than regular crayons, they come in a hard plastic case...  I decided to shell out a few extra dollars (about $5 for 24 crayons) and see if they'll last longer around here.  So far we still have all of them and the girls love the case. 

I also had discovered that they make safety scissors that don't cut hair, skin, or clothing.  And if you know me at all, you know that we have serious scissor issues around here.  I managed to find a set of their scissors, also, and they are awesome.  It's like they got in my head and asked me what I needed in order to give my kids a pair of scissors without feeling like I couldn't even blink or my girls would spend yet another year looking like a boy.  They definitely don't cut hair (yes, I tried) and they didn't cut my shirt I had on.  They're all bright and glittery so they look so much cooler than my metal scissors.  But they cut like a dream.  I even had bought some foam sheets to make Valentines out of  and thought that there was no way they were sturdy enough to cut through craft foam.  But they did.  Like butter.  =)  It's like magic... it knows the no-nos and abides by it.  I hope the magic rubs off on my kids. 

By the end of the day, we had tiny scraps of paper all over the floor and I did not mind one bit.  And everyone's hair is intact.

Today is going to be devoted to laundry and cleaning.  Aside from my living room, which my dear, sweet birthday boy has kept tidy all weekend, the house looks like the playroom and closets puked.   Then to top it all off, I have one kid who woke up telling me she didn't feel good and another one running a fever.  Isabelle is still asleep at 8:45, so that's not really looking too promising.  And it's going to snow.  Again.  Snow is fun and magical once a year.  The rest of the time it can bite me.  Blah.

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  1. I'm with you on the snow. I can do without it. We didn't get to the grocery store before the snow hit, so we have to make sure we get some food in the house before it hits again.

    Too bad you didn't find those scissors years ago, huh?



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