Sunday, February 13, 2011


That's what I feel like.  3 day old trash in the hot sun.  Ugh.

Everyone but Bill has been sick.  I'm 99% sure we had/have the flu.  Glad I got that shot, let me tell you.  I hate shots but I get guilted into it every year.  I've already called in sick to work tomorrow and can barely muster up feeling bad that I'm already way behind due to the snow and that someone else is going to have to get up early and get there at 5:30am.

I got lucky that the worst part hit yesterday while Bill was off work.  He doesn't call in for anything.  He's at work tonight and I'm sitting here wondering how I'm going to manage getting the girls out of the tub and dressed for bed.  I'll perk up a bit, try to do something and crash again.  Waiting on a perky moment right now so I can get them out.  They might not get their hair washed.  (they didn't...)

I still need to finish up their Valentines for school.  My plan was to get them done earlier in the week, but I procrastinated and I'm regretting it.  I probably shouldn't be putting my germy little hands all over them, but there's no other option at this point.  I'll just spray it all down with Lysol.  LOL

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  1. If I had longer arms, I'd hug you and make you feel better.



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