Saturday, November 19, 2011

I've got to move my jacket...

Today the girls and I went to a baby shower/1st birthday party.  My cousin's daughter is having a baby in a few weeks and her firstborn just turned 1.  I feel for her.  I thought having kids 19 months apart was rough... 

We had fun.  The girls adored baby Caleb and couldn't get enough of him or his toys.  Isabelle said "Mom, I'm going to miss that little baby.  I wanted to keep him."  Sweet, baby, but no.  No babies.  Sorry.

Caleb got his little boots and everything thought they were just too cute.  I had fretted over the size... I made the Baby Goshalosh boots in the biggest size (6 - 12 months) but I worried that since he was already 12 months that they'd be too small.  But he's a tiny fellow, so they were fine... even with room to spare. 

It was kind of chaotic and I missed her opening my gift for the new baby, which was diapers and the teeny tiny boots.  I was worried about the boots getting mixed up with the rest of the tissue paper, since they were so tiny.  I hadn't heard anyone say anything about them, so I really worried about it.  I didn't want to assume that people would make a fuss over them, but I didn't want the boots to be thrown out.  I kind of peeked at the list of gifts they were making for thank you cards and my gift wasn't on it at all.  I think the card got lost when the girls were dragging the present in.  Luckily, I found the boots (they did get tossed with all the tissue paper) and she thought it was really sweet that they had matching boots.

On the way home, Maroon 5 came on the radio and Olivia fell in love with the song "Moves Like Jagger."  I like Maroon 5, but the song is somewhat annoying because it just makes no sense to me and it's so catchy that I can't get it out of my head.  But I thought it was cute to hear Olivia singing along.  Of course, that was until I heard Isabelle singing.  "I've got to move my jacket, I've got to move my jacket." 

It's hard to drive when you're laughing that hard.  I don't know what cracked me up more today... that or her operatic singing bit this morning.  She's a nut.

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