Monday, November 7, 2011

Scratching my head...

I'm trying to figure out what to make the girls for Christmas.  I think I can probably finish all my commissioned work in the next week or so if I push, which gives me more time than I anticipated to work on personal stuff. 

I know that I want to make them some scarves, which probably won't ever be worn, but it's worth a try.  This is the pattern I'm thinking about...

Maybe, if I have time, a coordinating hat.  Not the usual novelty-type beanies I do, something more "grown up."  We'll see.  I'm not looking into it seriously until I know I have the time.

Zoe is into giraffes lately.  So I want to make her a giraffe.  I thought about this:

But it doesn't have a long neck.  When we were talking about giraffes today, she said they had long necks and polka dots, so I don't think a short-necked giraffe will do.  Then I saw this and I think she'd love the stuff out of it:

I've never made any of this designer's patterns, but I've adored them forever.  I think it's about time.

I've had a few ideas for Isabelle, starting with a green kangaroo (if you get that reference, I'll give you a high five), but I think I've settled on this:

She's my little Calvin, for sure.  So she needs a Hobbes, I think.  Plus, I have soft spot for C&H and need an excuse to make it anyway =)

But Olivia... I'm stumped.  I just made her a doll for her birthday.  She said she likes cats, but I haven't found a cat pattern that I like.  I thought about a mermaid, but that's more Izzy's thing.  I can come up with a bunch of Isabelle ideas, but nothing for Olivia.  I think I'm just going to have to watch her closely and see if I pick up any clues.  Or maybe I'll make this baby, because the feet make me laugh.  My child does have big feet (she gets it naturally, I wear size 11)

I've made one of her patterns before... Dotje.  And I have a half-finished Jester that I should finish one of these days.  Depending on who I end up with in our Christmas name-draw, they might end up with him. 

OK.. enough thinking.  I need to work on my South Park kiddos.  Cartman and Stan are finished.  Kenny is armless still and Kyle's hat won't fit and he has no body yet.  Before I finish Kenny, I need to stage a picture of him and Michael Myers.  I need a "Oh no! They killed Kenny!" shot.  Because I'm a dork.

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  1. I was going to make the Fiber Doodle giraffe for little A (Shea obssessed otj giraffes too) for her birthday but my husband said it looks like a cow. I have to agree with him, though I didn't see it until he pointed it out. How cute is that Hobbes? I won't lie, the baby freaks me out. I can't wait to see what you make for the girls!



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