Friday, November 11, 2011

Stick a fork in me

The South Park kids (set #1 of four) are done!

South Park!

They are about 4 1/2 inches tall, the ones with pompoms on their hats a little close to 5 inches.  Despite stuffing beans in the bottom, they are too top-heavy to stand up alone, but really, what do you expect when your head is 3 times the size of your body?

I hated buying the pattern for those guys at first, but it looks like I'm getting my money's worth out of it.

My list over there ----> is getting pretty long, but I don't feel overwhelmed.  I'm pretty excited about all of it, really.  I got the yarn to start on Hobbes today and I'm itching to start it.  But I need to work Mr. Hankey out first and I've gotten a really good start on him.  He's going with the guys and Michael Myers to Bill's aunt.  I see more of him in my future if I can find the time.  And Towelie.  I had never heard of Towelie before tonight, but one of my friends who wanted a set asked if I could make a Towelie as well.  I went to the South Park website and let's just say I got a good education on what I've missed since I haven't seen the show in years.  Wow.   

So, anyway....  I would have finished the guys up earlier this week, but I kind of took Wednesday and Thursday nights off.  This afternoon, I picked up a hat I was working on and I had crocheted exactly 4 stitches yesterday.  Maybe 2 rows Wednesday.  That was the total of my work those two days.  I made up for it today.  Lots of hooking going on... =)

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