Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guess what day it is!

Do you know who this cutie pie is?

That's me.  36 years ago.

Yay!  It's my birthday!

Man, I was a cute baby.  =)

So... I was thinking.  I've never done a giveaway.  And I know that it being my birthday and all that I'm supposed to be getting presents, but I want to give a present to someone else.  Maybe you....

Since I seem to be known for sock monkey hats, and I happen to have a few homeless hats, I'll give the winner a choice of:

Punky Monkey

A Mohawk Monkey... child-sized with a loopy mohawk.


Zoe's sock monkey hat

A Sassy Monkey... child-sized


If you are willing to wait for me to make it, an adult or child-sized version of any sock monkey hat in my repertoire.  That includes a regular ol' earlfap version, Pirate Monkey, Mowhawk Monkey, Sassy Monkey, or challenge me and give me something new to try!  The Mohawk and Sassy child-sized versions above are already made and ready to go.  They were also made before we added a cat to our household and have been in sealed plastic bags (in case you have pet allergies).  Just remember that little fact if you pick the option for me to make you a hat and remember that it might take me a few weeks to make your prize, what with all my holiday projects going on presently.  

To enter:

Leave me a comment with one of YOUR favorite birthday memory.  And leave your email address.

I will pick a random winner sometime after midnight on Friday.

Good luck and where's my cake?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Did you find some cake? I might have to make myself a cake, so I can celebrate your birthday! ;)

    As for a favorite birthday memory of mine...I'm blessed with lots of good birthdays. My favorite memory would probably be my 15th. I wanted to make my own cake...Devils food, round & layered. My grandmother had taken cake decorating back in the 50's and decided my cake needed roses. So she showed me how to make them out of icing and we iced 15 purple roses together. Time spent like that is priceless! That also is the year my other grandmother crocheted me an afghan for my gift. It totally clashed with my room at the time, but matches my daughter's room now (19 years later) PERFECTLY!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Happy Birthday! You definitely were a cute baby. You truly are a special person to want to give a gift to someone on your birthday. Today is also my best friend's son's birthday he is 21! Where does the time go? I myself turned 48 in October and can't believe how time flies. I have been keeping busy crocheting scarves for my daughter's friends. Enjoy your special day and I look forward to your posts.

  3. Happy birthday, Friend! I hope everyone pampers you and treats you like the queen you are! How nice of you to share your homemade things on your birthday I feel like should make you something.
    My favorite birthday memory is the one from 2010. I asked my husband for a sewing machine as my gift and he told me he looked at them and said they were way out of his price range and maybe next year. I was fine with it and settled for a pair of cowgirl boots instead. On my birthday, after putting Little A down for a nap, he told me my present was downstairs. I went downstairs and there was my brand new sewing machine with red bows on top of the box with a sign saying happy birthday love Daddy and baby. That has basically ruined all other presents for me, best birthday ever.
    Whenever you would have time, should I win, I'd love a baby sized regular sock monkey hat, with a pink bow by the ear. That's right, my #2 is a girl. I'm not announcing it on my blog because we're keeping it secret from
    family and friends. So... happy birthday. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I hope your day is fantastic!

    My favorite birthday memory is my 16th birthday. After my disastrous 13th birthday, I swore off birthday parties. I refused to even consider them. On my 16th birthday, I somehow convinced my mom's friend to let me practice driving his car in preparation for my driver's test. I had to practice on a manual transmission because my 1974 Volkswagon Super Beetle was the car I was taking my driver's test in. My mom's friend was super patient with me and let me drive and stop and start a million times in a parking lot until I had the shifting down.

    As we headed home, I noticed some strange cars parked in front of my house and when we went inside, my mom had arranged a huge surprise party! I was floored. I truly had no idea. All of my friends were there and we had such a fun time. It is a memory that I treasure.

    I hope your birthday is twice as wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday Jennifer! For my 30th my hubby and I went to JAMAICA. It was a blissful five days on the beach. Hope your day was perfect! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!!
    For my 22 Birthday I was away from my family for the first time going to school in Hot Springs where I met a wonderful friend named Renee who went out and sold her Plasma just so I could have a cake........We are still friends to this day....

  7. My favorite memory is my granny's strawberry cake. She made it every ear for my birthday. Granny is gone, the cake lives on every year!!!
    Happy Birthday! May it be as good as Granny Ruby's Strawberry cake!

  8. LOL. I wouldn't say it's my fav, but the most memorable. It was 2009, and I was turning 34. I was pregos with the girls, and taking lots of meds to slow the early contractions that started at the end of January. My sister threw me a shower at her house, and I got lots of presents for myself and the girls. It was great! Sera's sitting in my lap as I scrolled through your blog. She saw the hat, and said, "Oooh, monkey!"

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your birthday was awesome! So my favorite birthday memory....I'm going to get all weepy. My youngest son, he's my middle child, was born 20 days before my 26th birthday. He was sick, spent two weeks in NICU, had a spinal tap, MRI, xrays, EEG, and all kinds of other tests done. He was on oxygen almost the entire time and had an IV in, he kept pulling it out so eventually they removed his cord stump and put in a central line. I didn't even get to hold him until a day and a half after he was born. He had started to improve after a few days and then took a turn for the worse. They put him in an isolette/incubator and another 3 days passed before I could hold him again. Finally, he got well enough, had enough antibiotics, and all his tests came back good that we were able to take him home. He came home 6 days before my birthday. So having my son with me on my birthday when we weren't even sure if we were ever going to bring him home was definitely my favorite birthday memory.

  10. Hmm... My favorite birthday memory?

    I think it's one of my earliest memories, but I was 2 or 3 and we had a big birthday party in my backyard. Friends, family from both sides & lots of games, balloons, food, etc. I have a summer birthday, so I'm sure it was hot as Hades, but I don't recall that part. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win! Your hats are really adorable!



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