Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So sleepy...

My kids' sleeping patterns suck.

About a year ago, I had to start locking my bedroom door at night to keep the heathens out of my bed.  We only have a full-size bed and it's just not big enough for more than 2 people.  And, to be honest, my husband has been working nights so long that I'm so used to sleeping alone that it doesn't seem big enough for 2 people when he's home.  I'm not sure why we stopped locking the door, but the visitors have been coming again.  And my kids are the most obnoxious sleepers.  How can a 5 year old take up the entire bed?  She literally pushes me out.  Zoe likes to sleep on top of my covers, which means I wake up without any.  And I do the whole "one leg bent, one leg straight" position and sometimes she likes to make a nest in my legs. 

Needless to say, I find my way to the couch quite often.

Zoe has been sick again.  Strep.  They said the first time they felt she had strep, but didn't test her, but if she did, this is the second time in less than a month.  Add that to her normally enormous tonsils, and I'm thinking an ENT visit is in our future. 

But, with her being sick, she's sleeping even worse than usual.  She gets up after a few hours of sleep and it's a struggle to get her to go back to bed.  It's either when I'm about to go to bed myself or when I'm working on her Christmas present.  Of course.

So, I'm just a sleep-deprived bozo lately. 

And I'm starting to stress out over my list of things I need to make.  I think I can still get it all done, but it seems like there's always something popping up (like Zoe) to slow things down.  Of course, there is the problem that I can't say "no."  I had to work in three more sock monkey hats last week and someone else is asking for a Hello Kitty beanie.  I'm only about halfway done with Zoe's present, halfway done with my mom's present, halfway with my brother-in-law's, almost done with my second set of South Park guys, haven't even started Olivia's present.....

And Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.

Plus I am in the middle of a really good, but really long book that is due back Thursday (late fees, here I come...).  Plus Christmas parties for the girls at school and I haven't even gotten everything I need to send for that or finished up teacher's gifts.  Plus Pokeno Thursday night (hello store-bought ornament because I don't have time to make anything). 

It's no wonder my shoulders and neck are bunched up.

But I'll get it done.  Yes I will.  I may not sleep at all next week, but by golly, I'll get it all done.  I'll catch up on my sleep on my cruise next month.  ;)

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