Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If I had a swear jar tonight, I'd go broke.

Why did I say, "hey, I'll bake cookies!"

Because I have a bad memory.  Maybe even early-onset dementia.  That's what I'm thinking anyway.

I get tomorrow night off.  Yes, you heard me.  I am leaving my children with their Uncalee and pretending like I have a social life for a few hours. Thank goodness for a brother-in-law who takes pity on my poor soul once a year so I can go to Christmas Pokeno!

Ooooh, I just remembered, I have to go finish my ornament.  Hang on a minute, will you?

OK.  That's done.  Wanna see? 

Thank heavens for wired ribbon.  I can't tie a pretty bow to save my life with regular ribbon. 

So, anyway....

Our Christmas Pokeno is always a potluck kind of thing and everything had been assigned by the time I found out I could go.  So I just offered to make cookies.

Seemed like a good idea.  Until I realized that making cookies takes time and I just don't have much to spare.  But let's do it anyway, OK?

I measure out my sugar and dump it on the butter.... measure out my flour into another bowl.  Add the baking powder.  And the baking soda.... where's the baking soda?  I used it all up last time I made cookies. 


OK, no problem, I have some self-rising flour.  Take that baking soda.  I don't need you after all.  =P

Add eggs.  Add vanilla... oh, come on... don't tell me I don't have any vanilla either....


Fine.  We'll just pretend I "forgot" to add the vanilla.  It's just a flavor thing and not really vital to it actually becoming a cookie, right?

So let's stir it all together.


Flour everywhere.  Of course. 

I hate cooking.  I should volunteer to bring paper plates.

I'm making 2 dozen and putting the rest of the dough away for later.  Stupid cookies.

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