Monday, December 5, 2011

We've been adopted.

Remember a while back when I introduced you to Serial Killer Kitty?

Well, she comes around every few days.  Last week, she was at the back door just meowing like mad, and ran inside the house when I opened the door.  I lured her back out with a can of tuna, which she devoured in no time.  My husband was concerned about it being cold outside, so he got a box and a torn up pillow and old bathrobe and made her a little bed outside.  I've found her outside a few times in it.  She just looks at me like, "Thanks, but I bet it's warmer inside."

When we got home today, she was across the street and ran across the road to us as soon as she saw us.  She parked herself by the door and wouldn't budge.  I managed to get us all inside without her getting in and went about my business.  The next thing I know, the girls are squealing and freaking out.

Killer Kitty was inside.

My husband said he didn't let her in, but he's a big fat liar.  I know he did.

Olivia had a bowl of goldfish crackers, and the cat started following her around, so I gave her some more tuna and we tried to keep the girls from freaking her out.


She ate a little and then went exploring.  The girls have been all up in her face, but she hasn't even hissed.


I went and bought her a littler box and some real cat food.  She's already housebroken, which just confirms my suspicions all along that she's been an indoor pet and was either dumped or put out.  She doesn't look skinny, but she's a long-haired cat, so it's hard to tell.  I don't believe in having an outdoor cat, so if someone around here put her out, I guess that's their loss now.  She has shown no desire to go back outside.

The girls want to name her Sophia, but I think we're sticking with Killer Kitty.  I'm not one for "normal" pet names.  It's my only opportunity to have odd names since my husband wouldn't let me name Isabelle "Serendipity".  =)


She's beautiful, isn't she?

I'm going to have a very special post tomorrow in honor of a very special day (to me), so be sure to check it out!

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  1. I haven't been a very good interweb friend lately. I've just been so busy lately. No excuse! My apologies though. I'm glad you guys have a nice killer kitty! Maybe it's a good thing though, maybe she's like an attack cat of some kind and she'll protect you in you hour of need! Happy early christmas to Killer!



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