Friday, April 27, 2012

3KCBWWC - My Perfect Day

Craft Your Perfect Day
Plan your fantasy day with your craft, It might just take up one hour of your day or be the entire focus of the day, but tell your readers where you'd love to craft, whether you'd craft alone or with friends, knitting or crocheting something simple or spending a day learning new skills.

 It's a warm Saturday morning and when I wake up, the sun is actually up for a pleasant change.  The smell of coffee and omelets waft down the hall, as my husband decided to let me sleep in and has managed to keep our spawn quiet and has cooked me breakfast.  I get up and enjoy a peaceful breakfast where I don't have to get up 500 times to refill cups or wipe the Toilet Nazi's bottom.

My husband decides to take the girls off to the park for a few hours so that I can sew.  He's also arranged for a maid to come by to scrub the house from top to bottom and wash clothes.  My serger doesn't go all wonky on me and everything I sew turns out pure perfection.

When the family returns, we all go for a walk at the park and I take all sorts of fabulous pictures, showing what a perfect day it is and how we are all just so happy and carefree.

We go out to eat and the girls actually eat something other than cheese dip and no milk is spilled at the table.  Bottoms firmly planted to chairs and no embarrassing swear words slip out of the mouths of my small children.  Everybody who passes comments on what charming children we have.

The girls go to bed peacefully and quietly while I sit in my chair and read a few chapters of a well-written and engrossing novel.

I gather up my current crochet project and my husband strangely has found the time to get acquainted with Once Upon A Time and we watch the most recent DVR'd episode together while I work.  I remark how nice it is to watch something other than American Choppers or Fox News and he agrees that they are stupid and will never subject me to them again.

It's finally time for bed... my house is clean, the bed is made, kids in their own beds... and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face....


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  1. I hope one day this fantasy comes true for you!



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