Sunday, April 22, 2012

Someone carry me to bed, please?

I am so crazy tired.  We've had a very full, very fun weekend. 

I started the weekend off with the annual Heart Walk.  Then I went straight home to start cleaning and doing laundry.  We finished off the day with a big steak dinner at the campground with Bill's mom and her boyfriend.  I had to make a quick dash to the store before bed and decided it would be best for me to buy Isabelle's birthday cake rather than bake it.  I've never done that before.  It's not like I'm even a decent cake decorator, but I try and it's a heck of a lot cheaper to make one at home.  I'm glad I did, because I really wouldn't have had the time.

Today, we had a little party for the soon-to-be-6 year old.

DSC_0003 - Copy

I had planned to have the party next weekend, but moved it up since Bill's mom is in town.  We kept it very low-key.  I only invited one kid from Isabelle's class (who, thankfully, showed) and a friend of mine that has the cutest 3 year old twins.  She made Isabelle this awesome blanket out of a curly fur fabric... and I gave Isabelle a furry pink pillow (I didn't get her handmade stuff finished.... ) and I am not sure we'll ever get her out of bed will all that soft fuzziness.  In fact, my husband wants a blanket just like it for our bed.


My coworker brought Isabelle a bat and ball.  I have to get Isabelle into softball now.  She's never played before and was really good at both pitching and hitting.  She liked it too, she had me out there after everyone left throwing the ball at her.  I'm not so good at pitching. 


We have honeysuckle growing on our fence.  That is my favorite smell.  Best part of the year is when the honeysuckle is blooming.  (yes, totally off-topic)


Bill's mom and Dan are here for two more days.  The girls have just loved having their Nana around.  And thank goodness for Dan.... Izzy's friend came with her little brother and that child never stopped.  Dan chased him around with water guns most of the time.  I swear he was like a little tornado... his poor mom was so worn out. 

And now, let's just look at how amazingly gorgeous my children are.  Because I'm not proud or anything... ;)

She fights me so hard on taking pictures.  I'm sure that won't change much as she gets older.

Can't believe this one is about to be 6.

Almost every dress she's put on the past few days has been too short.  Make her stop growing!  She's my baby! 

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