Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Plans

You know, I have be so not into Easter this year.  I still need to finish getting things for the Easter baskets.... although if my kids really think that the Easter Bunny brings this stuff, they're just not very observant.  I hid what I do have in our master bath, which my husband keeps refusing to lock up, so they've seen the bag o'stuff.  But it's like I'm the Scrooge of Easter this year... I don't really care about all the trappings.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm still mindful of the meaning of it.  I just don't really feel like dying eggs.

For the first time in 3  years, I did not make Easter dresses.  I've made plenty of dresses over the past few months that the girls can wear, but nothing that I held onto specifically for Easter.  However, let's just review dresses of Easter past for fun...

Oh, my Isabelle.  I do so adore this dork.  This is my first attempt at making Easter dresses.  Just a pillow case dress.  I actually went out and bought some nice pillow cases (I had a gift card to BB&B, so I thought why not?)  They never wore them again... they weren't too fond of the color

The next year.  Same pattern, three different fabrics.  Look at my babies' hair!  How awful....  Notice Isabelle had short hair the year before, too.  That child and scissors....  at least she doesn't have a boy hair cut this year.  I say that, but you know, they are home today from school and God knows they don't do this while I'm on duty.  I probably just jinxed myself.  =/

Last year... again, same pattern, different colors.  They still wear two of the dresses.  Zoe's had to be retired because she's gotten much taller and it was way too short.

But this year... I've been a slacker.  I'll probably force them into my favorite creations of late to take pictures.

Anyway, making plans for the weekend worked out really well for me, so I'll give it another whirl...

Friday night

  •  Work on another romper to get pictures for a tutorial
  • Boil some eggs
  • Laundry day (shouldn't be that bad because the one thing I did actually do this week was laundry)
  • Dye eggs with the girls
  • Plant our magic jelly beans
  • Throw together a quick peasant dress for Zoe's pictures on Tuesday (just one fabric, she got to choose the fabric and style)
  • Play Easter Bunny
  •  Heading to Hot Springs to spend the day with family.  I don't expect to get anything accomplished =) 

If I don't make it back here before Sunday, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter full of family, friends, love and happiness!

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