Sunday, April 8, 2012

I blame it on the lack of creme eggs.

Tonight as a I watched all the photos being posted by family and friends of their adorable brood all decked out in their Easter finest, it just made me sad.  Because this has not been an Easter for the record books.  I've been exhausted and cranky all day, disappointed in how the day just didn't seem special at all.  Awake at 5am after just a few hours of sleep, my kids on a sugar high all day wearing mismatched everyday clothing, the inevitable crash and meltdown before bed.... just a suckish day.

And I have yet to have a single Cadbury Creme Egg. 

But that's just a crappy attitude, now isn't it?

So... I pulled out my phone, uploaded some pictures and I'm going to force myself to stop having a pity party and see that it wasn't a bad day after all.

The girls have been begging for one of those Pillow Pet Dream Lights for Easter, and it just didn't happen.  They're too expensive and I never saw them in the stores anyway.  I decided to buy my girls some shoes instead, because they do love shoes (they didn't get that from me, for sure) and I saved a few bucks by blinging them out myself instead of buying the already jeweled ones.  They never suspected I did it - even though they were with me when I bought the jewels.



Our magic jelly beans grew like crazy this year.  They only planted 3 jelly beans and look what grew!


I don't think even half of these coupons were read, but Olivia did find one of the Mommy or Daddy date ones and she picked me =)


Olivia ran around part of the morning with her new book, reading while walking and playing.  And she recorded the morning's events in her tiny little notebook.  I think it's so neat to see her starting to keep a little diary of sorts.  Too bad one day she'll stop running to me with it so I can see what she's read.  ;)


We went to my parents' house and they got the girls the exact stuffed animals I had debated getting them.  I'm glad I passed them up.  Zoe, the giraffe lover, was just head over heels in love.

Old photo

Somehow, this picture was dug up.... it's our family photo from 22 years ago.  And yes, it hurt my feelings to realize I was a teenager TWENTY TWO years ago.  I am proud to be the only one of me and my sisters without ridiculous looking hair.  =)  And my poor little sister.... such an awkward child.  She's simply gorgeous now, though.  My mother is the same age in that picture that my older sister is now.  My Daddy beardless and with color to his hair.... our windshield-sized glasses... my older sister's 2 lbs of eye make up... just so much fun in that picture.

Gold lame

And the gold lame'...  you'll be seeing this again.  It's for a project for my sister.  Her sock monkey to be exact.  But there will be alot of leftover fabric and I said I was going to make Isabelle some shorts out of it.  I was told that was inappropriate.  I said shorts, not hot pants.  Geez.  Then we got all into Leslie Hall and now I want to buy even more gold lame' and make someone a gold body suit.  Why?  Why not?

Really, it wasn't such a bad day.  The Dodo fell asleep in my lap immediately after protesting that she was not "pleepy."  Olivia and Isabelle whispered across to each other as they got settled in bed that they didn't get their Dream Lights.  The Olivia said, "But we did get really cool shoes, so it's OK."

So, yeah... I didn't get the day I wanted, but it was still good.

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