Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fingers Crossed

It's hard to believe it's only Tuesday... it's been a super-full week already.  I'm behind on Isabelle's flower pillow for her birthday.  I have it about 90% finished, but I still need to make the pillow insert.  I have only found one round pillow insert and it was the wrong size, not to mention $15 dollars!  I have some muslin and stuffing on hand, so I think I'll make my own.  I'm hoping to finish it before Isabelle's party on Saturday.  And her stuffed cheeseburger. 

Bill's mother and her boyfriend (it seems odd to call people in their 50s boyfriend and girlfriend, doesn't it?) are in town and we've spent the past two evenings at their KOA Kabin.  The girls have had a blast.


They gave the girls these toy chicks the first night.  They look really creepily like taxidermied chicks, but they aren't (thank goodness). 

Chick and chick
Have I ever mentioned that I totally love my kids' sense of style?

That's pretty much the reason I haven't had much time for Izzy's presents.  But, tomorrow they are headed to Louisiana for the day, so I will have some time tomorrow night.  At least I can get the pillow cover finished and I'll get the insert done sometime...

Spending time at the campground has us itching  to go camping now.  We have had plans to go to the Memphis Zoo next month, and we've decided instead of getting a hotel room the night before that we'll rent a cabin at the Memphis KOA.  It's cheaper and a step closer to tent camping than the usual cabins we camp in.  Yes, I'm a big weenie when it comes to camping.... plus, with three little girls, tent camping is pretty intimidating to me.  The KOA cabins don't have bathrooms, so it's more "roughing it" than we've done before - yet I still get to sleep in a bed.  =)

Yesterday, I had to take Isabelle back to the ENT for a follow up on her failed hearing test.  I really thought we'd get the "all clear" and finally... for the first time in a couple of years... I would get to leave the office without an appointment card for one of my kids.  It wasn't meant to be.  Isabelle's hearing hasn't improved enough to be "normal" and she still has a lot of fluid behind her eardrums. (Sounds bad, but you'd never know she has any hearing loss and she's never complained once about it) Since it's been about 3 months since she failed the school's hearing test and antibiotics failed to correct the problem, we're moving on to the next step.... tubes.  The surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday.  We've been through the surgery twice with Olivia, so I know it's super quick and basically painless, but I'm not thrilled all the same.  I never would have imagined Izzy would need tubes... she's had the least ear infections of all of the girls.  But whatever we need to do.  I just hope the tubes eventually fall out on their own and that we don't have to have them removed someday.  We had to have Olivia's last set removed and that was definitely not fun at all.

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