Sunday, April 29, 2012

Impromptu Family Fun Day

I was looking at my pictures on the wall the other day and realized the most recent pictures of the girls are over a year old.  That's just sad.  I decided with Mother's Day coming up that I needed to get on the ball and get the family some new pictures, because I'm pretty sure most of them didn't get copies of the last batch. 

I didn't order any school photos this year because I didn't like any of them.  You would think out of two sets for each of the three girls, there would have been at least one.... but nope.  

I asked the girls where we should go take pictures and they informed me they wanted to go to "the city."  Meaning downtown by the river.  I knew I'd need Bill to help with the kiddie wrangling, so we waited until today.  The girls were super hyper this morning, so I was pretty sure it would be a disaster, but I got some I really liked.


The first thing I saw after we got there was this wall under an overpass with all these hand-painted tiles.  I though it would be a fun backdrop.


Livi had a little bit of makeup on today... she gets terrible circles under her eyes when she's tired and/or has allergies going on and they were awful today. Then, of course, I had to pretend to put some on the other two jealous ones...


Those three were the first three pictures of the day and they were all so much better than the school photos.  Most definitely going on the wall.  =)

By some miracle, I also got a really good shot of all three of them, which hardly ever happens.


Olivia looks so grown.  Now that her hair is getting long, I try to braid it before bed to prevent a huge tangled mess for my husband to work out in the morning.  And now that she's discovered that braids leave her hair all crimped, she asks for more and more braids to make it "curly." 

There is a small little wildlife museum of sorts downtown that my husband has been dying to go to and it just never worked out until today.  The girls absolutely loved it.


She pretty much stayed by the fish the whole time.


I really need to get to work on making some new and longer skirts.


We did a lot of exploring.  They didn't like being under the overpass very much.  Too many strange noises.

When we first arrived, we passed by the hills that the girls went rolling down last year and saw a family sliding down the hills on cardboard boxes.  Bill had promised the girls that they could play on the hills before we left, so after exploring, we headed back that way.  We got back to the hills and noticed the family had left their broken boxes on the hill, and we were really irritated that they just left their trash there like that.  Then we realized that the scraps were plenty big enough for the girls to use, so then we were pretty excited that they could slide instead of roll.


They had a blast!  After getting way too hot running up and down the hill in the sun, we got popsicles and drinks and headed home.

Love it when a day just comes together better than expected.  =)

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