Friday, April 13, 2012

My Little Bookworm

A while back, Olivia brought home one of those Scholastic book order forms.  I loved those things when I was in elementary school.  I ordered some Judy Blume books (the younger ones like Super Fudge... not the teen ones like Blubber) thinking I'd read them to the girls at bedtime like I did with the Ramona books.  They finally came in today, much to Olivia's surprise.  I never told her I ordered anything for fear she'd ask for some stupid Spongebob book. 

She pulled them out of her backpack when I picked her up and was pretty excited about them.  She told me her friend got the whole set of Junie B. books, and I was jealous... I love Junie B. maybe a little more than I love Ramona, which is a lot.  But the set was $60 or something like that and I couldn't swing it. 

I had to stop for gas on the way home, and when I got back in, I realized Olivia was reading one of the books.  Here I thought I would have to read it to her and she can do it just fine on her own!  So exciting.  =)


To be honest, I don't think I've ever read any of the books I bought her.  I've read the teen Blume books, and the one or two adult novels she's written, but I somehow missed these.  I think my first real chapter book was a Nancy Drew novel.   I have a few of those put up for the girls. 

Olivia said that she's going to read a little bit of it every night before bed.  =)  She said it might take her a few days to finish it.  I told her that it sometimes takes me weeks to finish a book, so she shouldn't expect to get through it too fast. ;)


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  2. I have a (very old) copy of Blubber. Almost twenty years old in fact. I can't wait to read books like that when they're old enough. Right now Amelia like the hungry caterpillar and Where, Oh where is Huggle Buggle Bear. If you ever need to know those stories, I have them memorized. :-) Happy reading!

    1. WHen the girls are old enough, but you probably knew what I meant.

  3. We love Judy Blume... ♥ And anything else that inspires our girls to read. :)



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