Monday, April 23, 2012

K&CBW Day 1 - Color Lovers!

Today's topic du jour is color. 

Can you guess what my favorite color is?

A really grassy, spring-y green.  

I am drawn to most shades of green... not so much darker shades like hunter green (which is odd since I was completely into that when I was younger) but most shades of green just make me really happy.  I've noticed at times while looking at patterns that I take notice of those with pictures of them in a green shade more than any other color.  A pattern I might usually pass up will suddenly be far more interesting to me if they show a finished item in green.

My taste in colors do change.  Once upon a time I was very into dark jewel tones.  Deep, dark blue and blood red are just amazing colors.  But having a house full of little girls has influenced my taste.  I have never been much of a girly-girl, but I gave birth to three of them.  When they were little, I learned to love the soft baby shades.  Now they love fun, bold colors and I find myself drawn to hot pink and lime green more than ever.  I used to love silver above all else.  If you've ever paid attention to the web address of my blog, you'll notice "silvertears" in there.  I thought that was such a beautiful image... liquid silver drops. 

Source: via stefano on Pinterest

Still do.  =)

There are colors that I'm not fond of.  Orange, for example.  It has grown on me somewhat... I do think most colors have their place and purpose, but I certainly don't gravitate to it.  There are shades of red that I don't like... mostly the orange-y ones.  My least favorite is gold.  I won't even wear yellow gold jewelry.

When I am working on crochet and sewing, I have to have good colors to work with.  I tried to make a Special Olympics scarf this past winter and just couldn't get into the color combination (royal blue and cherry red).  I'm picky about my fabrics, in fact, I don't really like a lot of the popular colorways out now.  I'm even pickier about variegated yarn.  I prefer solid color yarn and have found very few variegated yarns that don't make me a little nutty when I look at them.  I might feel differently if I made more clothing or used some of the more expensive yarns.  But I don't.  =)

I will leave you with a few of the projects I've pinned that I was drawn to because of the colors....

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest



  1. I love all of these. I used green in my 40th Birthday Blanket of Awesomeness and it made the blanket!

  2. I guess -- green! It's such a bright, lively, fun, happy color!



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