Monday, April 23, 2012

Longest week ever...

It's just Monday, right?  This is a super full week for me and I got to start it off with a bang.  Or a shot, a few of them, as the case may be.

I finally took Zoe for her 4 year check up today.  I didn't even think about her getting shots.  But, of course, she was due for some.  I was pretty disappointed when we got there and realized we weren't seeing her usual pediatrician.  I love Dr. C, but Dr. F looks like a corpse.  He actually looked a little more lively today, but usually he's really pale and waxy looking and his lips are purple.  He's really soft-spoken and space-y.  He just freaks me out. 


Zoe earned 5 princess stickers for being such a big girl during her shots.  Her eyes welled up with tears after the second one, but she never actually cried. 

We also learned that she's overweight.  With that and Olivia being underweight, I'm just putting my foot down.  Things have to change around here.  More activity and less junk.  Period.  I'm sure it'll be ugly around here for a while, but I don't want my kids to go down the road I have been on my whole life.  No no no.


As soon as we got home, we left again to go see Nana and  Dan at the campground.  Olivia has been begging me for days to pull her loose tooth.  If you missed the memo, I hate pulling teeth.  I've put her off for a while, but it has to happen eventually, right?  We had to make a trip to the bathroom, and I sucked it up and just did it.  It was by far the easiest tooth to date.  She didn't cry, I didn't think I was going to throw up.... and she didn't bleed like crazy either. 


She did walk back to the cabin with toilet paper hanging out of her mouth, though.  I swear....

They are finally all tucked into bed and after I do the Tooth Fairy thing and make lunches, I'm hitting the bed.  Isabelle has surgery tomorrow (tubes... nothing major), and I may be able to sneak in a little relaxation before Nana and Dan come by.  Tomorrow is our last evening with them.  It's been a good visit and we'll all miss them, but I certainly will be ready to have our routine back to normal.

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