Thursday, April 26, 2012

3KCWBDAY4 - Crocheting for all seasons?

A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?
As spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere and those in the southern hemisphere start setting their sights for the arrival of winter, a lot of crocheters and knitters find that their crafting changes along with their wardrobe. Have a look through your finished projects and explain the seasonality of your craft to your readers. Do you make warm woollens the whole year through in preparation for the colder months, or do you live somewhere that never feels the chill and so invest your time in beautiful homewares and delicate lace items. How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?

I've mentioned before that I think I am a seasonal crafter.  Of course, I've only been crocheting for two years, so I don't have a long history to look back on, but it seems that I tend to crochet more during the cooler months and sew more during the warmer months.  But while I will ignore my sewing machine for months on end, it's rare that I don't have a crochet project going no matter the time of the year.  I just do it more when it's cooler.

Thing is... this is Arkansas and it's never all that cold.  I make crocheted hats that my kids only wear for dress up.  I don't make scarves often... no one will wear them either.  I am too warm-natured to wear a sweater, so I don't make them.

Summer can get really humid around here, and it can be hard to crochet in the summer.  It feels like the yarn just sticks to me and it throws my tension off.  I definitely couldn't handle being covered by a big afghan or anything, so most of the blankets I've made have been granny square projects. 

I guess all of that is why I make amigurumi so often.  Any time is a good time for a softie =)


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