Thursday, March 3, 2011

And crash!

I had grand plans tonight.  But I think I'm going to have to go to bed early.  I'm just past exhaustion.

I've been tired all day, which is the price I pay for the hours I keep.  By Thursday it usually catches up to me.  And with the changing of the seasons, I'm keeping a headache.  I need to keep something in my purse, but I don't, so the headache was in full force by the time I got the kids.  Bill had to go to work early, which meant I didn't have to be home at any specific time to make sure dinner was made and he actually got out of bed, so I decided to take the girls to the library.

Not a good idea. 

I did my best.  I bribed them with the promise of McDonalds if they would behave and made them recite the library rules to me - no running, stay near Mom, BE QUIET.  Alas, it didn't work.  Now, they weren't yelling, but they weren't whispering either.  And I was trying to remind them to be quiet as best I could without being obnoxious myself.  Izzy just didn't get it.  She found a dinosaur book and wanted to show Olivia so she wandered the aisles calling for Olivia.  I was getting beyond aggravated.

Then someone shooshed her very loudly.

Oh.  My.  Word.  My first instinct was to root them out and beat them with the library books in my hand.  I mean, you're sitting right by the children's books - do you really think you're going to get total silence?  If you could hear my child talking, you can hear me trying to quiet her, so do you really think I need you to butt in?  I was livid.  I mean, I do realize they were not being as quiet as they should have been, BUT I was not neglecting the issue.  It's not like I just turn them loose and let them tear the place to shreds while screaming like banshees.  I decided to leave before my head exploded all over the library.  Izzy went to crying, of course.  It was just unravelling fast. 

We got out and then I was treated to Isabelle screaming all the way home because she wanted McDonalds, which she was not going to get. 

And she just kept pushing buttons all.  night.  long.


So, now I'm in no mood to do anything other than crawl into bed. 

There was one good thing to come out of our library trip....

my new favorite book
It was my new favorite book before I ever even read it

I was drawn to the color of the book, and when I read the title, I grabbed it.  I love this book.  I'm going to have to buy a copy of it.  It's about two kids that, of course, are whiny.  They're kidnapped by a monster who begins to make a whiny-child salad out of them, and then more monsters are introduced as they argue and try to figure out how to cook these whiny kids (who, of course, end up escaping... hope that doesn't ruin the ending for you).  My favorite part isn't actually a part of the story.  There is a map on the inside cover of the neighborhood and it cracked me up.  The landmarks are things like "store where people think Eve is a boy" and "library where Henry and Eve like to be too loud." But the story cracked me up, too.  The girls' favorite part was when the monster's wife said she couldn't eat a whiny-child cake because her bottom was too big.  (I see that line haunting me in the future)

We checked out and read 7 books today.  Then Olivia read me 3 books for homework.  I think we met our reading quota for the day.

But anyway...

I wanted to start working on a skirt tonight.  For Isabelle.  I ran a cross a fat quarter pack yesterday - blue, green, purple, red, and yellow - not a full rainbow, but good enough!  And it's just enough fabric to make a full circle skirt.  So I was going to combine the tutorials for the Dresden Plate skirt and the Circle skirt.  A rainbow twirly skirt.  But it will just have to wait.  I don't think me and a rotary cutter are a good mix tonight.

Me and a pillow and blanket, though... that's a whole other story.


  1. I will have to look that one up! Every parent should have a copy of Monsters Eat Whiny Children. :)

  2. I have to congratulate you on not killing the "shoosher". Who does that?!?



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