Monday, March 14, 2011

Sisterly Love

I am the middle child of three daughters.  I have three daughters, myself.  I hope one of my girls has a house full of three girls one day... preferably Isabelle so she can pay for her raising.   Ha!  I don't think I would have had a clue where to even begin raising a boy, so I'm very happy with our little "5 family" as my kids call it.

I come from a family chock-full of talent.  I know that sounds a bit conceited, but it's the truth.  My Grandpa carves the most beautiful and realistic birds (and other things) out of wood.  My Pawpaw was an excellent guitar player who could play anything after hearing a time or two.  Both my parents have beautiful singing voices.  My mother's aunt (or great-aunt... I get so confused) was very artistic, and my mother's drawing skills aren't too shabby.  In fact, my mom dabbled in a lot of crafty things when I look back.  She tried to teach me to crochet and knit, but it never stuck.  Maybe because she's left-handed and I am "directionally dyslexic" - I have difficulty telling my right from my left.   I learned to sew on her sewing machine, although I really can't think of anything she ever sewed...  but she had one.  That's just a sampling, there are many others.

But since this post is titled "Sisterly Love", I'm going to brag on my sisters.

My older sister Deirdre is an artist.  Always has been.  Currently, she creates digital art.  I have no earthly idea how she does it and I'm sure if she explained it all I would hear would sound like an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon.  I'm not very technical.  I understand how she does paint and drawings... I can't do it myself well enough to enjoy it, but I at least understand that.  Digital art.... it's just magic, OK?  Let's just leave it at that.  Go check it out:

She made a piece just for me:  Silent Lucidity  I have a print of it in my living room.  I've sent out postcards of her work all over the world - really ( makes me happy).  I have a calendar of her work that I need to create wall hangings out of since it's out of date.  I like her magical art.  You should, too.

My younger sister Crystal quilts.  Our grandmother would be so proud... I remember a basket of scraps at her house and didn't have a clue how one would make a quilt.  She didn't teach Crystal, but it must have been in the blood.  She made each of my girls a baby quilt when they were born.  Olivia's baby quilt was one of her first quilts.  I love how you can see how her talent has progressed, each one is more intricate than the next.  I don't have pictures of the baby quilts yet, because they're tucked away to keep them from being destroyed, but this is the twin-sized quilt she made 3 years ago for Olivia's 3rd birthday:

I would just like to point out that I am not responsible for the ugly paint job on the walls.  
We rent from people with very questionable taste.
Isn't it gorgeous?  She's currently working on a rainbow-colored twin-sized quilt for Isabelle's 5th birthday next month.  I've seen the pattern, and it's going to be a-ma-zing.  There is so much more to making a quilt than sewing some fabric pieces together.  I couldn't coordinate that many colors if I had to.  If I were a betting woman, I would say that in a few years, she'll be making up her own patterns for her quilts.  She doesn't blog, so you have to just stare at that quilt for a while to soak up her awesomeness.

And since I can't have a sisterly blog without mentioning my children, here are some pictures of the next generation of talent.... I can't say for sure what exactly their talents will be, but I have my guesses.

happy monday!
Miss Olivia will be an actress or a writer.  
The child's imagination is insane.

happy monday!
Miss Isabelle will be a comedian.  
Or maybe a stunt double for Olivia.

happy monday!
Miss Zoe will be an artist - she can sit with a coloring book and one crayon for hours.  (that's frosting on her face, by the way)

Whatever they do, as long as it's what makes them happy, I will be the most supportive Momma ever.  Go for it, girls!  And don't forget your sisters along the way...

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  1. Oh..this made me cry! We are three talented girls and I wish I could work magic with the sewing machine like you and Crystal. I love you little sis!

    BTW, how hilarious that you wish Izzy to pay for her raising. That child reminds me so much of myself and well, I am still paying for my raising. So on second thought, don't wish that on her.



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