Monday, March 28, 2011

DeGray Lake part 2

One of the really cool things about the park was that it had a lot of planned activities that we could do.  The first night, we decided to go on the Sunset Cruise, which was a boat tour of the lake - at sunset, of course.  The boat was pretty crowded and we didn't quite anticipate the temperature dropping, so my little bugs were all wrapped up in a blanket for a lot of the trip, but it was really fun all the same.

DeGray Lake 158
The girls had to wear life jackets, of course.

Another thing I didn't anticipate... "cruise" was a figure of speech.  We went pretty fast when we weren't idling in the water listening to the tour guide.
DeGray Lake 168
Zoe, for one, didn't mind one bit.

DeGray Lake 169
Neither did Isabelle.

Our tour guide was a riot.  He had a joke about everything.  Of course, my little family had to be a part of it.  As he walked past us, Zoe was kind of leaning over, and the butt of his gun (yes, he had a gun - not normal for a park ranger, but he was much more than a tour guide/park ranger) knocked the poor little thing in the head.
DeGray Lake 180
OK, so this is actually her being blinded by the sun, not after the gun incident. ;)

She wasn't hurt... she never even whimpered, but he felt bad and gave her a cookie.  Then joked the rest of the trip about how he just pistol-whipped a toddler.  I am sure she knew she was the center of attention and I think she kind of had a little crush on him afterwards.  

DeGray Lake 191
It was a treat to watch the sun sink into the lake.
I am used to being asked on a very regular basis (like almost every time we are out in public) if Olivia and Isabelle are twins.  They're practically the same size, despite there being 18 months in between them.  But it's just been lately that I've started getting the question "are they triplets?"  Two different couples asked us on the boat.  The twins remark I understand, but Zoe is noticeably smaller and (at least to me) younger looking than the other two.  I suppose I need to get used to it, because it wasn't the first time and certainly won't be the last.

After the boat tour, it was time for dinner.  We don't eat out a lot with the kids.  Expecting them to sit still for an extended period of time is a bit much at their ages.  But we didn't have many options while we were on vacation.  We went to the restaurant at the lodge and the were so slow that I felt like I could have driven back home, fixed dinner, and brought it back to everyone.  The kids were very antsy.

DeGray Lake 199
I told Izzy to make sure her spoon didn't move.  It worked for about 30 seconds.
We were there for over almost an hour before Bill even got his salad.  And that's it.  He just kind of stared at it... he couldn't very well eat in front of the hungry kids when there was no telling when we might actually get our food.
DeGray Lake 203
So, like a good Daddy should, he shared.  =)

That was our first day.  It was pretty chilly the next two days, so it's not quite as interesting.  I think I can squeeze all of that into one more final part.  

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  1. Loved reading part 2 of your adventure. Poor Zoe! Felt so bad for her but then I had to laugh upon hearing the term pistol-whipped toddler. Poor guy! Did you find and stones to cover?



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