Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Phototherapy

I have been in a bad, bad mood all week.  Work is driving me insane - I seriously just want to go deaf to avoid listening to the attitude I hear all day.  The time change just had to happen at the same time as PMS, when I'm normally fatigued, so I've been just beyond exhausted.  And Bill's schedule has been messed up, the girls hardly see him, so they've been acting out.  It's been cold.  Just a bad, ugly, blech week.  Yuck.

Today, the sun came out.  The temps were perfect.  I put on my new flip flops, grabbed my camera and took advantage of Bill's schedule change to take the girls to the park after school. 


I don't know if it was my husband or Isabelle, but someone thought it was St. Patrick's Day a day early.  Now I must dig up more green clothing for tomorrow.


We came up one a little "creek" (it was more like a ditch, but it was kind of pretty) and the girls were convinced we'd never get across.  Then Isabelle discovered a bridge.  Which didn't actually cross the creek, so we had to step over it anyway.



Yes, I agree, Olivia does look silly in a baby swing, but they didn't have any normal ones.  Poor Isabelle was annoyed by the squeaking (she's definitely my child).

I've looked at several old photos lately and I have to say that I do prefer this child with hair.

I let her do it as long as she was far enough away that the rocks only hit her.

I was told she looks like my father.


Then I attempted to get a shot of all three of them on the bridge, because it was a pretty spot and they looked so cute today.  Here is what I got... I don't think I'll get a normal picture of them even when they are adults...

"Everyone just sit on the edge for me"

"OK, then, just stand there and hold hands..."

"Can you just look normal?"

"I give up..."

Oh, well... who needs some boring picture of my kids looking sweet and innocent all at the same time.  It would be a lie anyway ;)

Of course, they do have their moments.... 

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  1. "Normal" is relative. That is a super sweet shot at the bottom of the post. I have three girls as well. One of which is 15 and will not cooperate with almost anything I ask. Love that you shared this. So funny and so true!



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