Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should be packing...

... but I have been crocheting (and now blogging) instead.  We're going to Lake DeGray tomorrow for a little mini-vacation for Spring Break.  There are 3 Barbie fishing poles lined up by my back door.  My husband wasn't all that thrilled with the girls' choice in fishing gear.  After all, the chances of him using them more than the girls are high.  There will be pictures.  =)

I don't fish, myself.  I'm sure I will end up participating, but my dream is to kick back and relax with some yarn and a crochet hook while "the boys" fish.  My brain has been doing it's thing, mish-mashing up things I've seen to try to come up with something fun to make.  You would think I would take the opportunity to work on my Babette blanket or Zoe's stocking or the Jester.  And more than likely Babette will be joining me, but tonight I went in search of a daisy.  I have a skirt idea brewing that involves a daisy.  I found a really cool granny square design to try out. 

Daisy Granny

I am not 100% happy with the center or the petals.  I love the way the rest of it works up.  But I might play around with the flower itself to come up with something that makes me happier.  Most of this was Red Heart yarn that I don't mind playing with and potentially wasting.  I was gifted quite a few skeins of RH and I need to do something with it.  I definitely wouldn't try getting my kids to wear it.  I might as well go sew up some sandpaper sheets for them to wear while I'm at it.  ;)  Isabelle complains if there are too many seams in her clothes.  Such a sensitive child.... when she's not beating the mess out of her sisters.

OK, I need to quit obsessively listening to Shinedown and staring blankly into space and throw this laundry in the dryer and get to bed.  I can pack tomorrow morning.  Because I haven't argued with the girls over their wardrobe in, oh, several hours.  I'm in so much trouble when they are teenagers.

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