Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fresh Inspiration

I have made a goal for the year to work on decorating my house.  I've never really been all that into interior decorating and the girls make it hard to do much because they still like to destroy everything in sight.  One of my first rooms I tried to focus on was their bedroom.  The two smaller bedrooms in the house are super ugly.  The landlady must have tried some of those weird faux-something or other techniques that were so popular in the 90s, and the result was not pretty at all.  The one room, which is the playroom, is blue with light blue splotches.  It's tolerable.  The room the girls sleep in... ugh.  Green with weird white circular splotches.  It's just awful.  She has very questionable taste.  Like our bathroom.  The bathtub and sink are this really cheap fake marble and the first time any child uses our bathroom, they comment on the poop on the bathtub.  Really, it looks like someone smeared poop all over the bathroom. 

I digress.

Anyway, we were given permission to paint a while back, BUT the landlady and I had a "misunderstanding" about which rooms we could paint, so I'm not dealing with it again.  So, we're stuck with ugly walls. 

Oops, still off track.

OK, back to the bedroom.  We opted to have all three of them sleep in one room and have the other for a playroom and it's worked out so far.  But having two twin beds and a toddler bed in one room made for no room for anything else but a chair for me to sit in to read to them.  I just was not inspired to do much to make the room look nice because, to be honest, it would still look blah.  So I gave up on that room.

Then Bill and I decided to buy bunk beds for the girls to alleviate the space issue.  Zoe wasn't wanting to sleep in her "baby bed" anymore and we couldn't fit three twin beds in there.  We had the two twins pushed together like a big king size bed, which was plenty big enough, but they really can't sleep that close to each other without either playing or fighting.  We discussed it for a long time and finally decided on buying a bunk bed and a loft bed.  We got them in last week and I assembled them this weekend.  Lookit:

Look  - floor!  Yay!

Now I'm coming up with all kinds of fun plans to decorate in there.  We're turning the space under the loft bed into a fort/house kind of area.  Zoe is kind of upset about being on the bottom bunk, so I had to promise to decorate the underside of Olivia's bunk to make her bed prettier.  There are just so many fun ideas that I'm coming up with to make their room fun and girly.  I am so excited.  Makes me want to break my fabric fast.  LOL  But I'm not.  Stay tuned to see what kind of things I come up!

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  1. Bunk beds. Fun!!! I would love to see a picture of the bathroom. You've got me curious... Smeared poop! LOL :)



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