Thursday, March 31, 2011

DeGray Lake part 3 - the finale!

Unfortunately, after our first day at the lake, the weather decided to turn on us.  A serious bummer.  Spring has been really mean to us this year... teasing us with a nice day here and there and then plunging us back into the icebox.  I know that most people have it far worse.  This is Arkansas, after all.  I'm complaining about 40 degrees when other people are still shoveling snow.  And that's why I don't live above the Mason-Dixon line.  =)

The second day, after the kids had a nutritious breakfast of syrup with a side of pancake, we decided to go fishing.  I don't fish.  Here's the deal:  fish freak me out.  I can handle little goldfish, but once you get past 2 inches long, I really don't want to have any part of them.  I don't like to eat them, I am NOT cleaning them, and even though I don't like them, I do think it's kind of mean to hook them just to throw them back in the lake.  "Sorry I just impaled your mouth and half-way suffocated you, but it's cool because I'm setting you free now!"

I do enjoy everything else about fishing.  I think it's fun to cast the line in the water and just be quiet and relax.  So really, I don't even need a hook.  Just tie a sinker on my string and we're good.

DeGray Lake 232

The girls had all picked out Barbie poles.  Bill wasn't really thrilled that they picked out such girlie fishing poles since it was just inevitable he'd end up holding one of theirs more than his own.

DeGray Lake 224
But he's a man and can pull off fishing with a pink pole.

DeGray Lake 230
My little fisherpersons.

Olivia and Zoe got bored pretty quickly, and seeing that I didn't care to be out there to begin with, we went back to the room and left Bill and Iz to fish.  They didn't catch anything.

DeGray Lake 246
Although Iz says they caught 29 fish, kissed them, and put them back in the lake.

The rest of the day was spent driving around for the most part.  Olivia wanted to go swimming in the pool.  I had told her the day before that she could, but I really had no desire to take them to the pool.  Bill caved and decided to take them.

DeGray Lake 271
Why is he wearing a shirt in the pool?

DeGray Lake 265
Because it was COLD outside.

The pool was heated, but that only helped as long as you were IN the water.  Crazies, I tell you.  I stayed nice and cozy in my hoodie snapping pictures from the lounge chairs.  I'm crazy, but I don't like freezing my hiney off.

And that's about all of our adventures.  After two nights of not-that-great sleep, and not enough sleep for the girls, we had breakfast and were treated to about 30 miles of Iz screaming about the dress I wouldn't buy her at Cracker Barrel. 

I vowed never to take a vacation with them until they are much older, but I'm a glutton for punishment and have already started researching a fun family summer vacation. 

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