Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, Stacey....

My friend Stacey asked me to make a cell phone necklace for her.  I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but I looked up a few things, got a few ideas, decided to just wing it, and set off on my adventure...

I crocheted the pouch in a sparkly pink yarn that was leftover from Olivia's mermaid costume.  Then I took that and some black yarn and braided the cord.  And then I took some of the leftover pink polka dotted black fabric from Zoe's circle skirt and lined it (and that wasn't much fun on the sewing machine since it was so small  LOL).  I had wanted to stamp a washer with "Stacey" but I didn't have any that I could find, so I found this one that said "Love" instead and sewed it on.  All done!

My cell phone is narrower and taller than the measurements given to me... the pouch is closer to 3" x 4"

It is pink... just looks red in these pictures

It will probably hang a bit lower on you, Stacey...

Polka dots!

After finishing that, it was time to sew tonight!  I had to fix the hem on Isabelle's circle skirt, or circus skirt as Bill likes to call it.  The pinking didn't help much with the hem fraying, so I just doubled it over and sewed that down.  Easy.

Then I had to make Olivia's circle skirt before she exploded from impatience.  She had chosen my Michael Miller postcard print.  I love this fabric with every ounce of my being.  It almost made me sad to cut into it.  But I did.  And look what happened to me...

that is no good.

I had pricked myself when I pinned the elastic to the skirt and didn't notice my finger was gushing blood.  Well, maybe not gushing,  but the skirt is in the wash now that it's finished.  When I noticed the blood, I let go of the elastic and it snapped my needle off.  Bummer.  Luckily, I had extras like a good little sewer (I, unlike most people, prefer "sewer" to "sewist" even if it looks like, well, "sewer."  "Sewist" just looks pretentious.).  I hemmed this one.... I didn't have the patience to zigzag it like I did with Zoe's.

Well worth the injury, I think.

I don't think I ever showed off the polka-dot skirt.  I wish I had a picture of Zoe in it... she was so darn cute!  But she's pretty much adorable in anything.  


I'm going to try to take the girls out to get some Spring pictures of them tomorrow.  Possibly in their new skirts.  We'll see how cooperative they are.  I did buy them some knit tank dresses at Old Navy today, so I'm sure it will take some work to talk them out of them. 


  1. My goodness!!!! You are so talented!! I love it!!!!! So much detail, and it's going to be the "talk of the TOWN"!!!!!!! ;)
    Thank you so very much, I love love love it!!!
    Love you Jenny ;)
    Stacey. ;)

  2. How about calling yourself a seamstress? Sewer and sewist both look silly. I like the pouch you made for Stacey and the circle cute!



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