Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Lamp

I have a lamp in my bedroom that sits in between the closet and my sewing desk.  Our ceiling fan takes this freakishly small light bulb that doesn't put out an awful lot of light and that corner of our bedroom is always dark.  The girls like to have a light to destroy my closet pick out their clothes, and I need more light when I sew.  The lamp we had had three lights on it that were adjustable, but over time we end up picking light bulbs out of it when we run out and I forget to buy more, so there was only one bulb in it.

Today I overheard a conversation between Olivia and Isabelle.  Well, part of the conversation.  Had I heard the whole thing, I think I would have acted on it, but I didn't.  Izzy said "... and I saw fire 'splode out the middle!"  She's an imaginative child.  She's also a destructive child.  It's hard to know when she's being serious and when she's playing.  Obviously I picked the wrong one because not much later, Bill asked what that weird smell was.  He went into our bedroom and walked out with the lamp... one of the sockets blackened and the bulb stinking to high heaven.  The child blew up my lamp.  Thank goodness it didn't catch fire... all our clothes would be destroyed first... then my fabric tote!  Eeek!

So I went out and bought a new lamp today.

sewing lamp

I like it much better.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's dark blue, light blue, brown, light green and white (not in that order).   I just hope the girls aren't too tempted by the snakey heads.

On another note....

I got paid a huge compliment today.  I got a message today from someone I met a few years ago and haven't seen in over a year, I guess.  She said she and her husband were discussing having children and she had kind of jumped the gun and started looking at baby bedding but couldn't find anything she liked.  So she thought of ME and asked if I would be willing to make her baby bedding when the time came!  I was so flattered.  I've never made bedding before, but I'm pretty sure with the right tutorials and books that I can do it.  And we still have Zoe's crib (which is her toddler bed until we get bunkbeds NEXT WEEKEND... AAAHHH!) and don't intend to get rid of it (not that we plan on having another one, we're just going to make it a daybed in the playroom most likely) so I'll have something to try stuff on to make sure it's not all wackadoo.  I'm excited.  I think maybe... maybe.... I'll try my hand at making some fitted sheets for the girls' new beds.  After my fabric fast, of course. =)

Yeah, we ordered bunk beds and a loft bed and a mattress today.  We should have them by next weekend.  Right now we have two twin beds and Zoe's toddler bed, and she doesn't really like sleeping in it.  We have the two beds pushed together with a king size sheet on it and they all sleep in a pile most nights.  It takes up most of the room, so we decided bunk beds are the best solution.  I'm nervous, of course, that there will be an ER trip in my future, but hopefully they'll respect the fact that they are subject to gravity and not act like monkeys on the bunks.  Olivia will get the top bunk, Izzy the loft bed (which is shorter than the bunk beds) and Zoe gets the bottom bunk.  I'm sure once Zoe gets bigger, we'll have to have some sort of rotation system.  Of course, eventually they won't want to all sleep in the same room.   Then we'll have the fight over who gets their own room.  Oh, I remember the days of sharing a room.  Fun times.  But not really.  =)

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  1. I remember the days of sharing a room too! Doesn't work so well when there is a 5 1/2 year age difference. I could never seem to get you to stay out the room when I had friends over. You made me so mad!



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