Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just in time, too...

About a week ago, I ran across the cutest thing ever.  A Tooth Fairy door.  Since we've only had two visits from the Tooth Fairy, I figured it wasn't too late to introduce this to the girls.  When I explained it, I didn't get much reaction, other than Isabelle looking at me like I had lost it.  That's kind of how she looks at me most of the time anyway.

Being the impatient type, I had to run out to Hobby Lobby Monday for supplies.  I'm certainly glad I only gave up fabric and yarn for Lent and not Hobby Lobby completely.  Because I'd probably be rocking in the corner sucking my thumb by now.

Tooth Fairy Door supplies
Looks like some goblin must have smudged the lens on my camera phone...

I had the scrapbook paper on hand for something else (certainly not scrapbooking) and I had an old board picture that a friend had given me that had started to peel.  I bought a doll house door and doorknobs and some paint.  I figured putting it on a board instead of directly on the wall was the way to go.  When I really thought about it, I decided that we would only put it up when TF was due for an appearance.  Otherwise I'd be making one every time we had a tooth fall out.  I know my kids.

I was just working on it slowly.  A coat of paint here, some Mod Podge there.  No rush.

Then today I had to speed things up.  We have a loose tooth.  We just were at the dentist yesterday (no cavities, hoorah!) and they never even mentioned that she had any starting to get wiggly, but sure enough, she came running into the kitchen in a frenzy to tell me her tooth was loose.  Not a "yay! my tooth is loose!" frenzy... we're talking panic.  Like she hasn't lost two teeth already.  I swear the child actually said these words to me... "But Momma, I can't handle a loose tooth!"  Yes, child, I'm sure you have so much going on in your 6 year old life that wiggling a tooth out is going to just be such an inconvenience.

She's such a drama queen.

So I finished the door tonight.  We probably have a good week of wiggling ahead, but I wanted to have it ready.

I'm glad I sew and crochet better than I paint =)

The Tooth Fairy Castle

I love it.  I think it's one of those special traditions that my kids will carry on with their kids.  I hope so anyway.

The door is tough to completely close, so I'm not even going to.  That way it doesn't get ripped off when they try to open it.  And, you know, so dear TF doesn't think we accidentally locked her out or anything.  She has to leave a good reward for this tooth that is going to cause my child fits of anguish for the next week.

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  1. Aww... I love this idea Jennifer! I still have a couple girls young enough to appreciate this. One of which has not lost any teeth yet. We will have to have one. :)



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