Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have nothing crafty to show.  Babette and I watched TV tonight.  I'm sooooo close to finishing all the squares for the last section.  I need more yarn to finish her, though.  I must make a trip to Hobby Lobby soon, I guess.  I'm having withdrawals anyway.  It's been weeks.  What?  I'm trying to be good.

I just spent 15 minutes deleting strange blurry pictures off of my phone.  My 3 year old has figured out how to turn the camera on.  I feel somewhat dumbfounded that my 3 year old can work my phone.  Kids these days are just too smart. 

I'm brainstorming tonight.  The in-laws all live way out of state, and we have 2 nieces and a nephew in NY.  It's become a bit of a tradition for me to make something to send them each summer since we don't get to visit hardly ever.  They're 9, 10, and 11.  I could make the girls some fun skirts, but it's too difficult to make something much more complicated without good measurements or someone their size to try it on.  And I'm always clueless about the boy.  I'm always clueless about any boy, any age.  I have girls.  I have only sisters.  Even my cousins my age are all girls.  I have always had a serious lack of exposure to testosterone.  Little boys are a little easier.  Trucks, dinosaurs, monsters.  But an 11 year old?  What do 11 year old boys do?  We'll see what suggestions my sister-in-law comes up with.

I seem to have created a new workout routine the past two days.  The girls rediscovered their wagon.  Yesterday, they were pulling each other up and down the driveway and I decided to get off of the swing and pull them myself.  They begged me to take them down the road, so I did.  Wow.  I didn't realize how hilly our road is until I was dragging 120 lbs behind me.  They loved it though.  Each one of them came up to me and said "Thank you for taking us for a walk, Mommy."  So when they asked this afternoon to do it again, how could I say no?  We explored a few more streets in the neighborhood, found more hills.  The kids still weigh about 120 lbs collectively.  Whew.  They tell me where to turn, critique everyone's yard (boy, they are their father's children), ask me if I'm OK when I'm practically crawling up the hills, and beg me not to take them home just yet.  It's fun, though.  I'm sure we'll be putting a lot of miles on that wagon this summer. 

And, because I hate to leave without a picture, here are a few pics from our picnic on Saturday....

 This was actually before we ever got there.  Sleepy little Dodo.
 My muddy little tomboy.

And, of course, Miss Sassypants

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