Monday, May 16, 2011

Ooooh, it's so pretty!

I got a little bored watching Little Bear with the girls before bedtime, so I thought I'd try out a square on one of the afghans I want to make.  I picked the Rose Lattice afghan because it only called for three colors and I really wanted to try it out since I couldn't find a finished project anywhere online.  It calls for a roll stitch, and it took a few stitches for me to get the hang of it.  It took me about 2 hours to complete, but that's with a few interruptions and figuring out the pattern as I went.  It's an "Experienced" level, so I'm pretty proud of myself.  There were a few parts where I was like "huh?" but when I worked it, it made perfect sense.  That's pretty normal with me and patterns though. 

The pattern was written for Red Heart... I used Caron Simply Soft, which is a slightly thinner yarn (but still considered worsted...) and it called for an I hook, which I replaced with a G hook because it was handy, so obviously my gauge was way off.  My square turned out 6.5" where it should have been 8", but I was just playing around, so it's not big deal.  I probably wouldn't use Caron Simply Soft for a full afghan... it tends to split alot (surely I'm not the only one who has that problem) which is a pain with the roll stitch.

Rose Lattice Square
ooooooh..... ahhhhhhhhh

I am in love with this square.  It's going to stay up on my wall for a while.  I don't think I would do the actual afghan in white like that, but it's tempting.  I love the lattice work on the corners and I really like the center.  Now that I have the roll stitch down, the next one will be more uniform.  I will definitely use this pattern to make something, if not a full afghan.

I'm going to make test squares of all 4 of the patterns I'm considering before I commit.  I might make Joyous Squares next.  I need to see if I have enough coordinating colors to make it look right.


  1. Hi,

    please could you tell me the pattern for this patch? or where i can get the pattern from? I found this link via but i cant find a pattern - it is soooo beautiful!! :)

  2. The pattern is from the book 50 Sensational Afghans and Throws. I wish I could point you in the direction of a free pattern, but I do think the book is well worth the investment. Or you could probably find the book at the library and copy the pattern out of it. Hope that helps!



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